YouTube Music 2022 Recap

YouTube Music presents a 2022 recap with personalized insights

Following last year’s first annual recap and subsequent seasonal recaps, YouTube Music begins rolling out its 2022 recap today.

Update 11/30: The updated “Your Recap” page – available in YouTube for Android / iOS by clicking on your profile avatar – for 2022 begins with a “Watch Now” button that launches the story viewer. There is wider availability today. You can save the statistics pages to your device or share them directly at the bottom.

They include: This Year’s Music Minutes, Best Artist, Top 0.1% of [artist] Listeners, Top 5 Artists, Best Track (with Count), “Loved” Live Performance From Mainstream YouTube, Top 5 Tracks, Top 5 Genres, On Trend vs. Deep Cuts, On Repeat vs. Exploring, Chill vs. Amped, musical figure, and the end of the synopsis (with personality, top artists, and tracks).

Next is to integrate Google Photos to create a music photo album. Start by clicking the contact card at the top of the circle to enable in the Privacy & Location settings. You can then save and share a card that writes down your favorite winter, spring, summer, and fall songs featuring three library photos from that period.

Finally, you have past recaps, including a new Fall ’22 recap, as well as our 2022 recap, which are ordered by your listen count. Be sure to save both in your library for posterity.

There are also a handful of YouTube Music hit playlists for 2022: [all] Hits, Hip Hot, Indie, Alternative, Pop, Dance & Electronic, Rock, Metal, R&B, Country, K-Pop, Música Mexicana, Música Tropical, Rock Latino, Latino.

Original 11/29: As before, accessed by opening YouTube Music for Android or iOS and tapping your profile avatar in the top-right corner. The Recap page is home to the “Highlights Best Songs From Each Season” feed and other major highlights, including top artists, tracks, music videos, and playlists. When sharing, the new Google Photos integration will allow you to combine “music and memories for a nostalgic look at the year.”

Meanwhile, YouTube Music’s 2022 feed features new custom stats. Top trends It will display “Artist you discovered earlier than most other users”, while identification It creates a “musical persona” that “captures the vibe of your music, based on your listening habits”.

Finally, this page will also feature the remixes, live performances, and other “unique YouTube content” you’ve listened to this year. this is Hard to find content The section will allow YouTube to showcase its library features as people share their feeds.

Likewise, Google is bringing this experience to the main YouTube app to allow “more users to connect with personalized playlists, stats, and shareable stories.” Similar to the memories at the top of Google Photos or any other social media story format, these cards are very much geared towards sharing with the URL of

Easily share your stories and stats for 2022 on apps like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by just clicking on the arrow at the bottom of each story.

To access, open YouTube for Android or iOS and search for “2022 Recap” to get the playlist and stories.

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