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The leaked benchmarks are said to show the performance of the upcoming M2 Max chipset

The MacBook Pro 2021 update introduced the M1 Max chipset, along with the M1 Pro. Since then, we’ve seen the M1 Ultra in the Mac Studio, and the MacBook Pro and 13 Air in 2022 kick off the M2 cycle. Many Mac fans have been left wondering what’s next for the M2 range. And thanks to an Apple leak online, it looks like we might get the answer with the M2 Max.

Leaker ShrimpApplePro shared what the benchmark results look like for its upcoming M2 Max chipset. The benchmark score appears on Geekbench, which is a popular device performance testing tool. However, the benchmark results come from user tests, so there is a possibility that the scores could be fabricated. The Geekbench score indicates that Mac14,6 is the device, which is not attributed to any of the current Macs. Although, as with any leak, there is no certainty as to its accuracy.

If those benchmarks are to be believed, the M2 Max appears to be set to have a smaller bump in performance, more like the standard M2 compared to the M1. The single-core score is 1853, while the multi-core score is impressive, 1385.5. While these numbers are big and solid in their own right, they’re not huge leaps over the current M1 Max. The M1 Max clocks in at 1787 single-core and 12826 multi-core.

A performance upgrade for a future Mac is of course very welcome. We are not the ones who consume increased performance in our computers. It’s interesting to see Apple take a less aggressive approach to upgrading its silicon chips. We’ll have to wait to see which devices pack these chips when they launch in due course, but they could make for an interesting upgrade proposition.