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OnePlus releases its first display, but it may not make it to the US

OnePlus It’s expanding its lineup with a teaser for its first display, but there’s a chance it won’t come to the US. OnePlus is no stranger to limited global releases, with devices like the OnePlus Nord Watch only available in India. OnePlus also started making Android TV devices a few years ago, but they have mostly remained exclusive to India as well. OnePlus said in 2021 that it plans to start selling its smart TVs in Europe, but more than a year later, that hasn’t happened yet.

Today display

Many smartphone manufacturers have a diversified portfolio trying to build an ecosystem of products that work best together. Brands like Huawei and Xiaomi have added smart TVs, computers and monitors to their product range. Many of these products are sold in their countries of origin and are available in other markets. Samsung and Apple, who have also released displays, are other smartphone brands whose product range includes computers, monitors, and other PC accessories.

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After making TVs for years, OnePlus is ready to add screens to its lineup, as revealed by teasers posted by OnePlus India on Twitter. One of the tweets posted by the official OnePlus The calculation shows that the upcoming screen will have a flat screen with flat sides and a square base. Attached to the base is a vertical stand with the OnePlus logo and “Never Settle” engraved on it. The screen appears in dark gray. OnePlus hasn’t said when the display will launch, but the “ComingSoon” hashtag indicates that the date isn’t far away.

It will probably be a gaming monitor

Collage showing the screen and OnePlus display stand

OnePlus hasn’t provided any specs yet, but users can expect to get a high refresh rate, fast response time, HDR support, and maybe even HDMI 2.1 support since there’s a good chance that the upcoming OnePlus display will be aimed at gamers and not just a regular monitor. This makes sense based on the phrasing of the tweet above, and OnePlus has always taken an interest in gaming with its products.

OnePlus’ decision to launch a screen may surprise some, especially in markets where the company is only known for its smartphones and mobile accessories. However, anyone familiar from the full OnePlus portfolio would have seen it coming. Last July, Realme, which started as a sub-brand of Oppo, launched its first PC monitor after making TVs for a while, just like OnePlus. Given that Realme, OnePlus, and Oppo are all owned by BBK, it is understandable why OnePlus is also getting into the screen space.

The idea of ​​a OnePlus display is exciting, but the fact that this could also be limited to select regions would be disappointing news for fans of the brand. however, OnePlus It may decide to surprise its fans and make this new product category more widely available, but the chance of a North American release is slim.

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