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More than half of India’s mobile connections will be 5G by 2028, Ericsson report: The Tribune India


New Delhi, 30 November

More than half of all mobile connections in India will be 5G by the end of 2028, and 4G connections in the country are expected to decline after reaching a peak of 930 million subscribers in 2024, telecoms equipment maker Ericsson said in its Mobility Report on Wednesday.

The Ericsson Mobility Report (EMR) stated that the average data traffic per smartphone in the India region is the highest in the world. It is expected to grow from 25 GB per month in 2022 to about 54 GB per month in 2028.

“The rapid deployment of 5G networks by Indian service providers will enable 5G subscriptions to reach around 31 million by the end of 2022 and 690 million by the end of 2028.

“5G will account for about 53 percent of mobile subscriptions at the end of 2028. 4G subscriptions are expected to peak in 2024 at around 930 million and thereafter decline to an estimated 570 million by 2028,” EMR said.

According to EMR, smartphone subscriptions in India as a percentage of total mobile subscriptions are expected to grow from 77 percent in 2022 to 94 percent in 2028.

The report estimates that there will be five billion 5G subscriptions globally, accounting for 55 percent of all subscriptions by the end of 2028.

In the same time frame, 5G population coverage is expected to reach 85% while 5G networks are expected to carry around 70% of mobile traffic and account for all contemporary traffic growth.

“Total mobile phone subscriptions are expected to reach 8.4 billion by the end of 2022, and 9.2 billion by the end of 2028. Most of the subscriptions are related to smartphones. At the end of 2022, it is estimated that there will be 6.6 billion smartphone subscriptions, which is about 79 percent of all mobile phone subscriptions.

India is also expected to drive the growth of 5G-based fixed wireless access services which will be the wireless alternative to wired broadband connectivity for homes and businesses.

“Driven in part by FWA’s accelerated plans in India, and projected growth in other emerging markets, FWA is expected to grow 19 percent year-on-year through 2022-28, and top 300 million connections by the end of 2028,” the report said.

Globally, nearly 230 telecom operators have launched 5G services so far, with more than 700 5G smartphone models announced or commercially launched, according to the report.