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HTC’s earnings report for February 2020 is a potentially dismal read

HTC reported to its investors that it generated a total of New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) in revenue for the month of February 2020. This may sound impressive, until one realizes that this equates to $13.96 million and, more importantly, is down 32.96% compared to last year.

Similarly, HTC made 478 million NTD (about $15.94 million) in January 2020, while it made nearly 1.01 billion NTD in the same month of 2019. This is a 52.43% drop year-on-year. Additionally, the smartphone manufacturer’s total pre-2020 revenue year-to-date is down 44.97% year over year.

In fact, this brand was once a go-to for those who value cameras, audio, or both in their Android phones. Now, it looks like she’s all set to quit that market entirely. Its latest mobile device, the Wildfire R70, seems to reflect this potential indifference in its specs.

Then again, this phone is a budget device: it has triple rear cameras, albeit with a relatively low resolution combo: 16MP + 2MP + 2MP. The R70 has a 6.53-inch waterdrop-shaped display; However, it is of an HD+ nature.

Finally, the 2GB MediaTek Helio P23 phone, despite being released in the same month indicated in HTC’s recent earnings release, has Android 9.0 (Pie) out of the box.