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How are smart phones manufactured? | Mazuma Mobile

Have you ever wondered what life your phone had before? We can help! More than 1.43 billion smartphones are sold annually worldwide, making the production of these devices critical to ensuring that the final product is the best on the market. Whether you have an iPhone 14 or a Samsung Galaxy 22, all smartphones are subject to basic manufacturing principles.

As buyers and sellers of some of the latest phones, the process of getting a feel for how they turn out is very interesting for us. Whether you’re wondering if it’s “time to sell my smartphone” or looking to buy a new one when you recycle your phone, it makes a huge impact to create new ones. Join us as we explore the life of your phone before it ends up in your hands, and the importance of recycling in the industry.

Let’s start where it all starts, the prototypes

Whether it’s a new phone in the series or a completely new mobile phone, a team of researchers, developers, and board managers will create the first design of what they want the phone to offer. This could mean looking at what works well on other phones or what customers are looking for to make their lives easier. All experts will work together to create the first model. This will showcase how the team would like the phone to look, work and feel, with all the necessary components it has to deliver. It gives an opportunity to improve existing technologies or introduce completely new technologies. The most important factor is – what will make this device stand out from the crowd?

Mazuma Mobile How are Smart Phones Manufacturered

software install

Once the final design is approved, development moves on to installing new software. This is when the software team brings the phone to life with all the predefined technologies and how the operating system works. This stage includes the camera functions, menus and everything that makes the phone work.

There is often very little effort involved at this point, allowing the developers and software team to fix any issues that might come up during the installation. These issues can range from storage issues, battery failure, or even design miscalculations. Once it is settled, and the phone is ready, it can move on to the next stage.

Testing in progress … 1 … .2 … 3 … Testing …

Therefore, before this sparkling new phone can be mass-produced and sent for sale around the world, it must undergo extensive testing. This testing phase is perhaps the most important because it prevents phones from overheating causing life threatening software crashes and issues that prevent this phone from being the best. Through this stage the phone is definitely put through its paces to highlight anything that could possibly go wrong when using it.

Mass production

Once the phone has gone through the testing phase checks and any kinks have been resolved, it is now ready for mass production. Interestingly, during this process, smartphones are usually given codenames. Code names prevent phone specifications and design from being leaked, and end up with competitors or users before they enter the market. The largest electronics producer is Foxconn. They make items for Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, Nokia, PlayStation… well, the list is endless. This stage is also important to ensure the health of each phone. Although most of the manufacturing takes place on a conveyor belt with the help of machines, every phone goes through testing to ensure there are no anomalies on the production line. They are also given protective stickers to prevent any damage to the device during transit.

Mazuma Mobile How are Smart Phones Manufacturered 3

Pack your bags…you’re away!

Once the phone is assembled, it’s down to packing, where the new device is placed in its shiny new box along with any manuals, accessories (if applicable), and of course, the charger. Phone packaging has dropped significantly over the years. This happened to help reduce the impact on the environment, and with many homes turning to USB plug sockets, the humble plug is becoming less of a concern.

Shipping and distribution

Before the phone’s launch, all devices are shipped to an undisclosed storage facility, where they are stored and ready for the official launch. Then, once the marketing team has worked out a strategy, the phone can be shipped worldwide to various other volumes and finally distributed once the phone goes live.

What phone parts are made from recycled items?

Well, almost any part of a phone can be made from recycled parts. Mobile phones are made of various materials, including metal and plastic, that can be reclaimed and recycled to create new products. The excavated parts that are still there can be used to produce refurbished phones. Cell phone exchange services help provide our customers with nearly new phones for a fraction of the price of buying one directly from the manufacturer.

Every component is cracked, taken from the device and assembled for the unusable parts of broken phones beyond repair. Once there is a significant amount of the same material, it can often be melted down to produce enough new material to be used in new products. For example, if a circuit board has been cut from your phone, it cannot be placed in another device. A single circuit board isn’t enough to fuse on its own, but if you have a lot of it, you might have enough to make an entirely new object.

The importance of phone recycling

As we have shown, almost every element of the phone can be reused. While it may not be in a state to convert it into a new phone or bring it back to life as a refurbished phone, its elements may come back as something completely new. So trading in your old phone is essential to produce new items.

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There are many reasons to recycle your mobile phone, but helping the environment is probably the most important. While in use, a phone is safe as a home, but when discarded and left to rot in a landfill, it can leak toxins and gases. These all contribute to greenhouse gases and can negatively affect the environment. By using sell my mobile services like ours, you can prevent this from happening, knowing we’ll ensure it’s properly taken care of. Not only that, but you help provide new resources for new devices without having to find raw materials.

Get cash when you recycle your phone

While no incentive should be required to help the environment, we at Mazuma love to offer a reward when you decide to sell your mobile phone with us. We offer competitive pricing on most new phones with the fastest service, so why not give it a try today? So whether you want to sell your iPhone or sell your Samsung phone, make a little cash for your pocket and do your bit for the environment too!