Xiaomi Router 10000, Sound Pro and possible PC set to be launched during major OEM product event in December 2022

Xiaomi has taken its next major press conference as “13 and MIUI 14Happened on Weibo; however, it’s already becoming clear that the launch is beyond even brand-new high-end Android smartphones and a new OS look. And now, OEMs.Smart ecologyAnd the department indicated that it will join in the fun with its latest product of its own.

Confirmed to include the debut of the Sound Pro, a potentially new audio device dedicated to the smart home with “Understanding musicAnd more besides. If Xiaomi’s cryptic hints are anything to go by, it could include an upgrade to an integrated display or some other kind of visual interface.

It is said to be joined by ‘Router 10000’, which if its current leaks are to be believed, launched as Xiaomi’s first 10Gb router. It’s depicted as sporting an updated antenna array and may be Wi-Fi 7 ready when it launches.

According to a more official teaser, a third device is along for the ride during this non-mobile leg of the December 1, 2022 show.

It’s little more than a squared-off silhouette on a poster so far – however, this, along with the unique LED light shining from the front panel, has already fueled rumors that it will be unveiled as Xiaomi’s first-gen desktop. – A device that can be based on existing OEM series of Windows laptops, such as the Notebook Pro 120G found on Amazon.in.