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Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 will have buttons that don’t move

The Apple iPhone 14 lineup has been out for a while now, and we’re starting to see the rumor mill pump more about the upcoming iPhone 15 series. One recent rumor suggests that Apple will switch to solid-state buttons for the iPhone’s side buttons.

Solid state buttons are the ones that don’t actually move, like the home button on iPhone 7 and later. According to rumors, Apple will opt for these buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro (or Ultra) models. Unfortunately, regular models will get stuck with the standard buttons.

This rumor comes from Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a fairly good reputation when it comes to leaks. When it comes to displaying information in the past, Kuo has had a solid track record. But this particular rumor has more gravitas, as Apple supplier Cirrus Logic mentioned solid-state buttons on an upcoming device. While change is, of course, not guaranteed, things are going pretty well to a degree.

So, what does having solid-state buttons actually mean for the iPhone 15? Without room to move the buttons, the mechanisms will take up less space inside the iPhone. It’s also one less part that can break, with the side buttons part of a self-service repair program. In addition, it will make the device more water-resistant, with fewer openings for water to infiltrate. It’s unclear if Apple will opt for any additional Haptic Engines, or stick with the impressive setup it’s already using.

Other early leaks of the iPhone 15 indicate that the device will opt for a titanium coating instead of glass, and will be more curved at the back like the iPhone 5C. We’re hearing more about the upcoming device, with some rumors more likely to surface than others (we’re not expecting an all-metal return). With the usual September release date, we still have some time for more information to emerge. But so far, the iPhone 15 looks like a rather tasty upgrade.