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Prime-eligible best Christmas gifts for next day delivery

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The best Amazon Prime Christmas gifts

Need to save the day with express delivery? We’ve scoured all the Christmas rounds to pick the 15 of the best Prime-eligible gifts. Because even the hardest holiday planner sometimes forgets a family member.

From fitness trackers to Bluetooth speakers, all of the gifts below are available with fast delivery from Amazon UK. Buy one before the deadline, and unless you’ve been preventing a sudden snowfall overnight, it should be with you tomorrow. Roll it fast and you can act like it’s all part of the plan.

If you’re not a Prime member, you can sign up here to save on shipping, streaming, and photo storage. Or if you’re looking for something you can deliver via email, try our list of the best instant gifts, coupons, and digital subscriptions.

Best Bluetooth Speakers - UE Miracle Tree 3

UE Wonderboom 3

Some trips don’t need a soundtrack. But if your Skegness getaway requires a sonic launch, this little ball of boomerang is a must-have for a coastal caravan. As big as a large snow globe, it packs enough bass for any concert party. The 14 hours of battery life should get you through the arrival of Santa Claus, while IP67 water resistance means get ready for a Boxing Day dip in the North Sea — even if you’re not.

Christmas fitness gifts: Fitbit Inspire 3 activity tracker

Fitbit Inspire 3

Tension can rise with relationships in the city. Need help dealing with holiday stress? You can rent an elf treat. Or for a calming aide that raises fewer ethical questions, you can try Fitbit’s tracking bracelet. Along with heart rate, activity, and sleep data, it can monitor your calmness and guide you through breathing exercises. So you can exhale your way through the meltdowns on Boxing Day. Plus, up to 10 days of battery life eliminates the worry of empty cells.

Christmas Gifts Worth £20: Aston Marin DB5 007 Lego Set

Lego 007 Aston Martin DB5

Christmas morning is hectic enough without a 007 DB5 sliding through your garden decorations, then ordering a pumpkin spice martini. For a Q Branch vehicle without the carnage, try the brick Bond collection. Small enough to drift around the dining table, the 298-piece Aston Martin won’t spray your buds with machine gun fire, but you can swap its panels to avoid detection. Its Dinner time? The minifig’s tuxedoed for lunch.

Christmas gift ideas worth £50: Amazon Fire 7 tablet

Amazon Fire 7

Contrary to what Tina Turner once suggested, some things simply aren’t the best. And they don’t need to be. Case in point: the all-new Amazon Fire 7. It can’t hold a candle to the power and versatility of the iPad Pro, but if all you want is a straightforward tablet for surfing the web, binge-watching Netflix, and mindlessly scrolling through YouTube shorts, you don’t need any. something better. Anyway, with Alexa on board and a faster processor than before, the latest version is no loser.

Xmas Games Gifts - 8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2

Rise to your local esports league with a retro controller and your fellow button-wielding mates will think they’ve got victory in the bag. More of their con: The 8BitDo gamepad may look like a throwback accessory, but it’s all around the professional peripheral. Compatible with Switch, PC, Mac, Android and Steam, the Pro 2 features a wealth of assignable buttons. Rear inputs enhance control, while stick and trigger precision can be customized to suit. Run the Ultimate 8BitDo software to set macros that make light work of manual competitor combos.

Retro Christmas Gift Ideas: Logitech MX Keys Mini

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini

Nothing takes you back to the good old days of computing like a proper mechanical keyboard. But Logitech’s compact Bluetooth gadget isn’t lacking in modern bells and whistles. The smart backlight appears only when your hands get close to the low-profile keys, before adjusting to the ambient light. You can switch between connected devices with the press of a button, plus there’s even a version for Mac.

Music Christmas gift ideas: Denon AH-C830NCW Wireless Earbuds

Denon AH-C830NCW

Clever trimmings may be a feast for your ears, but sometimes you fancy a simple sonic snack. Was it full of absurdity? These earphones deliver delicious sound without the side dishes. With no app, equalizer, or voice assistant, the list is boldly abstract. Instead, they offer a well-balanced devotion like Proof Pudding. If you prefer expressive flavor and a focused soundscape, the AH-C830NCW should satiate your auditory appetite.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Movie Fans: Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon’s third-generation Fire TV Cube is a cube as ever, but the streaming box has never been more talented. Now Cube sports a fabric to match its Echo counterparts, which is softer and sturdier than its predecessor. It also benefits from an improved Alexa remote control. But the biggest addition is an HDMI port, which allows you to connect set-top boxes and media players so you can control them using your voice.

Eco Christmas Gifts: Kobo Clara 2E e-reader

Cobo Clear 2E

It’s not easy being a sustainable bookworm. You can stick to folders printed on recycled paper. Or you can refer to this environmental e-reader. Most of its casing is made from recycled plastic, including 10% that is contoured. Cobo hopes to prevent 200,000 bottles from hitting the waves each year. And because it’s waterproof, you’ll be able to enjoy cleaner seas while slurping down the next bestseller paperless on its 6-inch screen.

Photography gifts: DJI Osmo Mobile 6 gimbal for smartphone

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Modern smartphones provide access to cinematic videos. But your festive movie project won’t be a success if quivering gloves create a shaking celebration. Press your bellows into this pivot for smooth-as-ice shots. Folding for easy portability, the 3-axis stabilization works in conjunction with DJI’s Memo app for subject tracking and steady shots. And if your fingers aren’t frozen, you can use the scroll wheel to manually adjust focus and focal length.

Nomad Christmas Gifts: Chipolo Card Spot

Chipolo card spot

You lose your credit card on vacation and you’re going to need some friends to spot you. Check out this card-sized tracker and you’ll have thousands to help you find. Thin enough to slip inside your purse, it works with Apple’s Find My network, bouncing off nearby Apple devices to relay its recent location. Enable Lost Mode and the finder will be able to see your contact information. The reward is up to you.

Musical Birthday Gift Ideas: Akai Mini MPK Mini Play Mk3 synthesizer

Akai mpk mini play mk3

Nothing says repeat Christmas like family carols around the piano. Tired of the same old Singalong? Remix Christmas tunes with this little music maker. Good for 14 hours of party electro gaming, the portable game features 25 keys and a powerful set of eight light-up drum pads. The setting is sensitive to the speed of your fingers, so you can tinkle softly like a mouse or drop hard like a Home Alone Mugger. A bank of over 100 sounds means you can make out like Mike Oldfield, while a built-in amplifier delivers EDM snippets when you’re touring at your nanny venue.

Stuff Christmas Gifts £100 Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot (2022)

From recipe tips to festive playlists, there are plenty of reasons to invite Alexa to your home this Christmas. And there are plenty of reasons to do so with Amazon’s updated Echo Dot, complete with sweeter speakers, as well as new motion and temperature sensors. In truth, though, it’s all about asking Alexa to show off her festive skills: From caroling to counting down to real-time Santa tracking, the smart assistant is a big fan of the season.

Nomad Christmas Gift: Anker 633 Magnetic Battery

Magnetic battery from Anker 622

A 12-hour chanting session will leave even the pickiest of rappers feeling exhausted. Phone gone flat from streaming backing tracks? Tackle power naps with easy-to-use MagSafe Backup. When squashed in for a wireless boost, its 5,000mAh capacity is enough to fill your iPhone from flat to full. And if you want to be entertained during your downtime, flip the stand over and stick your smartphone aside for supported viewing on the train home. If you can stay awake, that is.

Gaming Gift Ideas: Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED

Santa isn’t the only one getting around to granting wishes: We waited patiently for a switch with an OLED screen, before Ninty finally made our handheld dreams come true. The 7-inch screen has been updated to a vibrant panel, which is also slightly larger than that of the original version. The storage capacity is 64GB, which is twice the size of its predecessor, and the built-in stand no longer feels like it will come loose every time you use it. And if there’s a last-minute entry on the cool list, you can order one for express delivery from Amazon.