Nokia G60 5G November Security update

Nokia Mobile updates (November 28) to keep track of security and operating system updates

Nokia G60 5G November Security update

The official Nokia Mobile Security + OS update tracker for Nokia smartphones and tablets has been updated on November 28, 2022. The tracker update brings the latest information about maintenance, security or firmware (MR) updates for Nokia smartphones and tablets.

As per the latest updated information available on the page, it appears that the November security update is available for the below Nokia smartphones.

Nokia XR20 5G

Nokia X30 5G

Nokia G11 5G

Nokia G60 5G

Nokia G50 5G

Nokia 5.3

Looking at our coverage of software updates, the information appears to be a bit outdated. Nokia G20 is also receiving the November security update now. Check out our security update coverage here.

You can click here for our detailed coverage of all software update news for Nokia smartphones. Click here to track October security update releases for Nokia smartphones as they happen.

The October/September 2022 security update is available for all newer and older eligible smartphones and tablets. Click the link below to check out the official Nokia update tracker page.

Link to the Nokia smartphone security maintenance summary page

However, the remaining Nokia smartphones (not eligible) are on older security patches with many of them still showing March/February/January 2022 security updates. Other smartphones are on older patch levels and many are in the February/March 2021 patch level.

If the security update is not yet available for your Nokia smartphone, you should check and confirm the build number of your smartphone with the information on the page. If the build number of a specific device is mentioned in the list, then only it will get the update.

You may already be aware that the Nokia Smartphone Security Service Release Summary page lists the build number and details such as whether it is just a security patch or a firmware update + security patch for a specific device. But now, Nokia Mobile has enhanced the details given for every Nokia smartphone on the page. It has added new columns for “Security Patch Cadence” and “No Security Patch Updates Guaranteed Yet”.

Cadence tells us whether a smartphone receives monthly or quarterly security updates. No Guaranteed Security Patch Update column indicates when the promised 3-year security update period for a smartphone will expire.