Cyber ​​Monday 2022: Free iPad, Apple Watch, and Beats if you upgrade to iPhone 5G

Three groups of products such as phones and tablets


The clock is ticking on what might be the best Cyber ​​Monday deal yet: You can get a free iPad, Apple Watch SE, and Beats Fit Pro when you upgrade to an iPhone 5G (iPhone SE and iPhone 12 and up) and subscribe to a Verizon 5G phone plan.

If you think about it, a 5G plan goes hand in hand with a new smartphone: Customers who have been looking at their old smartphones and considering upgrading to 5G know they have to pay for a corresponding plan and the phone.

Verizon gives you three required accessories that come with your 5G phone for you paying for a plan each month and paying for the phone of your choice.

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I found a way to make the deal even better. Many Verizon 5G smartphones are heavily discounted or have deals attached to them. Technically you can You pay nothing for the Apple iPhone 12 With the right phone plan and get an iPad (9th generation), Apple Watch SE, and Beats Fit Pro for free, too. After that, all you’re charged for is the monthly cost of your phone plan, which you had to pay anyway. Verizon estimates this deal will save you up to $1,900! Today ends.

Just go to 5G Apple smartphones through Verizonchoose the one you like the most (knowing that the iPhone 13 miniAnd the iPhone 12And the iPhone 12 miniAnd the iPhone SE Currently offered for free with the correct phone plan), go to Preservation methods Department, select Add a new line or Upgrade existing linethen add Get your Apple Watch SE (2nd generation) with us, plus up to 2 free gifts. online only. There may be more than one deal on offer, so check the fine print to make sure you pick up a deal that’s valid through November 28th.

If you’re a Samsung or Google Pixel phone user, there are similar deals for both of these brands. You buy a 5G smartphone and a Verizon plan, and you get your own—a tablet, smartwatch, and earbuds.

The Samsung 5G phone currently offered for free is Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which retails for $599. the choice Another Samsung 5G phone It will mean paying for it and plan to get all three gifts.

similarly, Google Pixel 6a Now free instead of its usual price of $499.

If you choose a Google or Samsung phone, you will have the following free gift options:

  1. To get a free smartwatch, you can choose from Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (40mm), Samsung Watch5 (40mm), Google Pixel Watch, or Orbic Smart Wrist.
  2. To get the free tablet, you can choose from Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, TCL TAB 8 or TCL TAB Disney Edition.
  3. As for the free earbuds, you can choose from JBL Live Free NC + TWS, Pixel Buds Pro, or Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

You follow the same procedure as with the Apple option: just go to the smartphone page and add the display under it Preservation methods.