Huawei proudly displays the P50 Pocket and Mate Xs 2 smartphones on billboards in Dubai | INSITE OOH media platform

Huawei It’s back on billboards in the UAE with its foldable phones, the P50 Pocket and Mate Xs 2. Another OOH campaign It was only for the P50 pocket phone, just a few months ago.

P50 Pocket is all about innovation and versatility, with a precise 3D sculptural design and ultra-wide camera array. On the other hand, the Mate Xs 2 is designed with new Falcon Wings that take the phone to whole new heights, with the foldable True-Chroma display, camera system and amazing performance adding to the phone experience.

Mobile phones are getting a lot of attention thanks to the sleek and white design of the advertisement. The logo advertises “Full Vision” and “Special Edition” for each phone. The AppGallery is featured on billboards as a way for customers to get more information about products.

This new campaign was distributed across Dubai in the third week of July in the form of billboards and digital screens.