HTC Wildfire R70

HTC is back in the smartphone game with ‘Desire 20 Pro’: new leak

HTC’s fortunes as a smartphone manufacturer have faded recently. However, it has also recently made efforts to revitalize its Wildfire Series recently. Now, it is rumored that he is planning a similar reboot of the Desire line. The device that will be used to do this is said to be called the 20 Pro. However, a new set of benchmarking results might make her potential audience wonder why.

This leak is based on a recent Geekbench 5 listing of a device calling itself the HTC 2Q9J10000. Here’s a reasonably reasonable new model number from this Taiwanese OEM: for example, the U12+’s number is 2Q55100. Its potential new sibling is described as running Android 10 and having 6GB of RAM.

Its SoC appears to be from Qualcomm, running at 1.8GHz and is identified as having “ARM port 81 architecture 8 variant 10 part 2048 revision 2”. These characteristics have been associated with Snapdragon 6-series processors in the past, most often the 665 or 660.

The results achieved by “Desire 20 Pro” indicate that the latter is more likely. So, this phone (assuming it is real in real life) can take on the Xiaomi Mi A3 or Redmi Note 7 based on its specs. This would potentially be good news for HTC — if it weren’t for the fact that these phones were launched last year.

In general, it seems that this model will be destined for a much lower segment than the “Pro” category in the smartphone market in 2020.