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BEST WALLET 2022: Top card sleeves and coin pockets

Loose change will affect the pockets of the pants. Want a better way to cache your money? The best wallets will take care of your plastic and splinters in style.

From card sleeves to coin holders, the list below showcases a selection of the best wallets for every buyer and budget. So whether you want something streamlined, luxurious or sustainable, you should find a wallet that fits the bill below.

And if you’re not sure how to choose the right bag, we’ve also included some important tips to consider when shopping for a purse. Because it pays to be sure before you put on your pounds.

Buy tips

cash and carry

Most wallets have space for banknotes, while some feature separate sections for coins. Committed to a cashless economy? Simplify your pocket carry with just the card holder.

asset Management

Interior dividers can bring order to your cash collection, but too many card slots will stretch the waistline of your wallet. Slim cases sacrifice some structure to keep their dimensions down.

Shady real skim

Contactless crimes are rare. However, RFID blocking prevents quick-fingered Fagins from skimming over your bank details. Full protection ensures security, while one unprotected pocket means you can still tap to pay.

material wealth

Quirks can come and go, but a good portfolio should last a lifetime. Canvas folders provide durability, while leather shells will take on a natural look from your drooping hands.

Sterling sleeve

Best Wallets: Evenodd Slim Card

Rubber Racer: Evenodd Slim Card Wallet

Frequent punctures will burn a hole in your wallet. This slim accessory won’t stiffen your wheels, but it does put your bike’s deflated tires to good use. It’s beveled, cut and sewn, and it’s made from reclaimed inner tubes. Each waterproof wallet wears a unique look from life on the road, while custom monograms mean you can add your own peloton stamp.

Best Purses: Jekyll & Hide Card Sleeve

Pop-up Pocket: Jekyll & Hide Slim Card Slide

There is nothing cool about card hunting. Fortunately, this compact container makes it easy for chubby fingers to find the right piece of plastic. Encased in full-grain leather, its milled aluminum frame features a pop-up mechanism. Small lever thumbs up and it will elevate your collection for easy selection. So no more pulling your bus lane in till.

Best wallets: Trove wallet

Banking Belt: Trove Wallet

Rubber Band is the ultimate in minimalist money management, but one go you’ll be paying for your money back. For stretchy yet sturdy storage, try this reversible wrap. Reinforced with two layers of leather, the elastic strap securely holds your bank segments. Use its three slots to store cash, cards, and keys, or mirror them for more paper space.

Financial folders

Best wallet: Oliver Co wallet

Fruity notes: Oliver Co Premium Compact Wallet

Apple products are notorious for swallowing wonga, and this is no exception. Nine pockets mean it’s neat to the core, but the generous storage capacity isn’t the only surprise. What looks like lambskin is actually the product of an orchard: with polycotton canvas, its shell contains excess pomace and peel harvested from fruit juice factories.

Best purse: Bellroy Apex Note Sleeve Slim

Seamless Shell: Bellroy Apex Note Sleeve

An inflated bundle of money may be a sign of success, but overstuffing the leaves can lead to unfortunate wrinkles. This leather sleeve is pre-molded for a perfect fit, no stretch necessary. Sculpted sides maximize capacity from day one, while a streamlined interior keeps bulk to a minimum. Heat-bonded rather than dense stitching, its five-hole setup limits the amount of leather taking up your pocket. Hidden magnets complete the no-frills, no-frills look of your bank account.

Best wallet: Herschel Roy

Classic Cardholder: Herschel Roy

Financial efficiency begins with a functional purse. Slim and simple, this retractable stand is a lesson in functional simplification. The woven patch design fabric cover features a direct set of stocking sleeves inside. But Herschel isn’t exactly frugal with design flourishes: The lining is striped like a candy cane, with a chic seam tag to match. How wasteful.

Coin containers

Best wallets: Bearmade Coin Pouch

Recycled Bowl: Bearmade Zero Waste Portfolio

Want a little coin pocket with eco-credentials? You can sew a pocket of your old jeans. Or you can leave out Bearmade costumes and one of the pieces of cotton. Instead of putting leftovers from her backpack workshop, they are made into weatherproof bags. And unlike your average pair of jeans, its durable dry wax coating isn’t treated with any harmful chemicals.

Best wallet: Fjällräven Norrvåge

Wool wallet: Fjällräven Norrvåge

Trust a sheep with your tender and may they walk in the path of the grass. Trust this furry bag and your money won’t be chewed. Its sturdy fabric is made using wool waste from textile production, while the lining blends recycled polyester and organic cotton. With a pop-up compartment and a zippered coin slot, it’s a soft shell to be commended for.

Best purse: Harper London leather zip-up bag

Roomy Sporran: Harber Leather Zip Bag

The Doctor’s Blue Chest isn’t the only container of deceptive proportions. Take this roomy case: Despite its modest dimensions, the leather top flap can hold 25 cards, or a large stack of folded banknotes. The main chamber is carved in Spain from full-grain leather, and it also has a pair of pockets—one for your star shilling and one for your TARDIS key.