Xiaomi 13: New “Armor Case” leak confirms ultra-thin bezels and updated chassis

Now that the high-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor has been introduced, it is believed that the next generation of Xiaomi’s flagship Android smartphones with the new platform will follow. Building on the precedent of superior responsiveness set by the OEM of their predecessors, they’re expected to come in the form of the vanilla and Pro versions of the “13 Series” to begin with.

Both devices have been the subject of a virtual leak storm in anticipation of the event, though the latest is the first in a while and seems to focus on the Xiaomi 13 and its front panel specifically. It consists of an image of a mobile device in what the prolific leaked digital chat station described as “armor case“.

The tip doesn’t mention a possible source for the accessory (although Spigen, Nillikin, and ESR are the best candidates, assuming it can’t be from Xiaomi itself). However, whoever designed the case apparently managed to account for 13’s rumored lip correction surgery in doing so.

In fact, this new rendering is meant to back up others pointing to the long-awaited shift to flat screens and consistent, constrained screen borders in the Vanilla 12 successor (even if it looks like more could have been done to shrink the selfie camera hole like we would).

Xiaomi is also said to have incorporated flat edges as well, which is also reflected in the new image. Finally, as the Digital Chat Station notes, the new rendering gives the impression of a structure embedded in the supposed “13” shield.