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Use Option-Click on the desktop to hide unwanted applications

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Focus on the Finder easily by hiding everything else on your Mac screen, which can be accomplished with just two clicks in macOS.

If you’re in the Finder and there are a lot of windows of other applications cluttering your desktop, it can be difficult to focus on just that Finder window. If you’re looking for a file and there’s too much on the screen, you can start minimizing all the other windows, but this may take a while to complete.

However, you can make things more straightforward with a few keystrokes and a mouse click.

Simply hold down the Option + Command keys on your keyboard and click anywhere in Finder’s Desktop. After clicking, all other application windows will temporarily disappear from view.

Alternately, you can hit the Option key on the desktop to hide only the foreground app.

While blocked from your desktop, these apps are still running in the background, so you don’t have to worry about losing any work at all. However, instead of backing up all your open windows, you can take this opportunity to immediately view the most useful windows.

To restore any app’s windows, just press Command-Tab to cycle through open apps to the one you want, then release the keys. The selected application will return to the foreground with all its windows.

You can also click an application’s icon in the dock to show all of that application’s windows.

Not many Mac users know the Option-Desktop-click trick, but it’s a quick and effective way to declutter your desktop in an instant.