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The end of Airplane Mode! Passengers on flights in the European Union will be able to use 5G on their mobile phones!

Critics are already available with their views on future flights becoming chaotic, due to the increased level of voice calls due to the spread of 5G data on board. But travelers are happy with the development as they expect flights to become less tedious, thanks to the fact that the European Union will allow mobile phones to connect to 5G internet service on an entire flight.

Traditionally, on each of our flights by plane, it used to be a mandatory requirement to configure our smart devices such as mobile phones.Flight modeHowever, this could change very quickly, for example, in a matter of months, as the European Commission itself announced, since you can use your mobile phone at full speed.

Within the European Union, telecom companies will be able to install the latest 5G technology on their planes, allowing passengers to use their smartphones and other connected devices just as they would on the ground.

The European Commission is working to adapt mobile legislation to the latest standards. As a result, 5G coverage can also be provided on planes.

European Union countries reorganize 5G wireless broadband!

European countries are actively working to welcome 5G networks, and the Spanish government has reorganized the privileges of telecom operators operating in the 3400-3800MHz frequency band, which is one of the priority bands for the introduction of 5G technology in Europe.

According to the official Spanish government statement, the main objective of this reorganization is to facilitate the provision of 5G wireless broadband services more efficiently, to take full advantage of all the potential offered by 5G technology, and ultimately to reduce the costs of deploying mobile communications. networks in this band.

Allocation of frequencies by the Spanish government:

  • Protection range (frequencies that provide a safety margin to avoid interference): 3400-3420MHz
  • Xfera Móviles, SA (MásMóvil Group): 3420-3500MHz;
  • Telefónica de España, SAU, (40 MHz) and Telefónica Móviles España, SAU, (60 MHz): 3500-3600
  • MHz Orange Spain, SAU, 3600-3710
  • MHz Vodafone Spain, SA: 3710-3800 MHz.

The position of the European Union on the use of 5G on aircraft!

Airlines will be able to provide the latest 5G technology on their aircraft, along with previous generations of mobile technology as the commission updated Implementation of a decision on spectrum for mobile communications on aircraftand identifying certain frequencies for 5G technology on the fly.

Passengers on flights in the European Union will be able to use their mobile phones to their maximum capacity and features, just as they would with the 5G terrestrial mobile network.

Thierry Bretonsaid the commissioner of the internal market

5G will provide innovative services for individuals and growth opportunities for European companies. The sky is no longer the limit when it comes to the possibilities offered by ultra-fast, high-capacity connectivity.

Since 2008, the Commission’s executive decision has set aside some frequencies for mobile communications on aircraft, allowing airlines to provide messaging, phone calls and data services to travelers in the European Union. This update of the Commission’s Executive Decision on Mobile Communications in Aircraft paves the way for Widespread deployment of 5G services.

The service is provided inside an aircraft cabin equipped using special network equipment, a so-called “pico cell”, to connect users and route calls, texts and data, usually via a satellite network, between the aircraft and the aircraft. terrestrial mobile network.

The committee also amended Implementation of the decision on the 5 GHz frequency bandswhich makes gangs available to Wi-Fi in ground transportationeg in cars and buses.

The decision to amend lays the groundwork for innovations in the automotive industry and possibly for Metaverse applications. According to the amended implementation decision, Member States are required to make the 5GHz frequency bands available for use on land vehicles as soon as possible and no later than June 30, 2023.

Not only will this change in the EU benefit airlines and air travel, it will also open up 5G frequencies links Wi-Fi in cars, buses and other vehicles.

With this development, the fact of switching to Airplane Mode on our cell phones, tablets and computers while in flight is numbered, but we expect to see multiple discussions about this, before it actually happens.

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