indian consumers may move from one network to another for better 5g services ericsson study

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Indian consumers may switch from one network to another to get better 5G services: Ericsson study

NEW DELHI: Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson said the superiority of 5G will drive consumer loyalty in India and could be a driver of disruption. It said that Indian telecom customers may leave their current network to use a better network in terms of coverage and performance.

The company said on Wednesday that the speed of network deployment will be crucial in India and there will be a transition of customers from one network to another to use the best 5G network.

“The superiority of the 5G network can emerge as a driver for consumer loyalty with 59 percent of smartphone users intending to upgrade to 5G in the first 12 months. Among those planning to upgrade to 5G, 36 percent plan to move to a top 5G provider and equipment vendor,” the study revealed.

60 percent of early adopters who already have a 5G phone expect to bring new innovative apps, which are more attractive than better coverage. The study added that these users are willing to pay a 45 percent premium for a plan bundled with new experiences, provided their expectations are met.

According to an Ericsson study, consumer readiness for 5G is high in India. Intent to upgrade to 5G in urban areas in India is twice as high as in markets like the UK and the US where 5G has already been launched.

Over the past two years, India has seen a three-fold increase in the number of smartphone users who own a 5G-enabled phone. The study revealed that more than 100 million users with 5G-ready smartphones would like to upgrade to a 5G subscription in 2023 while more than half of them are open to upgrading to a higher data tier plan in the next 12 months.

5G will improve network satisfaction in India especially for the gaming experience. 7 out of 10 current smartphone users are looking to improve the quality of video streaming once they switch to 5G. 5G-ready users are already engaging with more digital services than 4G users – 60% of 5G-ready users are already engaging today with more than three digital services. 5G will drive consumption of a new format for HD video streaming and cloud gaming.

Ericsson said it was helping its telecom operator partners ensure a smooth transition from 4G to 5G in India using its global deployment expertise and local manufacturing unit.
Ericsson recently secured 5G network deals with both Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel and is already helping them roll out the network. Both companies will launch their 5G services before Diwali.

Nitin Bansal, Ericsson India President and Head of Network Solutions Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, said the company works with all telecom operators.

On Vodafone Idea’s 5G strategy and payment issues, Bansal said 5G launch timelines are working in the program and the company continues to work with all carriers.

“…we support bpoh NSA and SA architectures. The implementation strategy is for the carrier to decide.”

Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Consumer Lab, Ericsson, says: “The transition to 5G provides an opportunity for service providers in India to strengthen their position in the consumer market, with a focus on the quality and availability of 5G networks. More innovative experiences must be aggregated to meet the expectations of early adopters to monetize 5G technology. successfully.”