Save up to £900 on this awesome Cowboy 3 bike for Black Friday

One of our all-time favorite e-bikes is having a massive Black Friday sale. You can get up to £900 of Cowboy 3 by direct ordering.

The £1,190 Cowboy 3 now cuts an elegant silhouette with a stunning brushed finish, while the seamlessly integrated removable battery takes 3.5 hours to fully charge and delivers an impressive range of 70 km / 44 miles. The part and ride feel like a dream—we had a great time testing it again in 2020.

A removable 360Wh battery powers a 250W motor that drives a carbon belt transmission that gives you an incredibly quick start. The adaptive coupling feeds power to the rear axle when you need it. Plus, there are some great smart controls like theft detection, crash detection, and auto lock/unlock with your device, even if it’s in a pocket or bag—an excellent iOS and Android app. The front and rear lights are also integrated.

Crash detection gives you 60 seconds to tell the app you’re okay before your bike sends a message to your key contacts with your current location. Theft detection will alert you if the bike has been moved unless it is unlocked and. You can then track the address that is currently in the app. Clever stuff and it works rather brilliantly.

Stocks of the Cowboy 3 are coming to an end as the bike has now been replaced by a Cowboy 4 but this resulted in this great deal to get one at a great fraction of the price.