51583 102162 apple watch charger main xl

Mixfly Apple Watch Compact Charger review: Good enough and inexpensive

51583 102162 apple watch charger main

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There are some Apple Watch accessories on Amazon that are absolutely rubbish. Every now and then, something pops out of the pile worth it.

We’re not fans of brands on Amazon with too many adjacent consonants. Occasionally, we see something from one of those brands, or from a neighboring one, that catches our eye.

We know it’s a related brand because the full name of the product is “Mixfly Upgrade Ultra-Compact iWatch Charger Dock for Apple Watch.” We’ll call it the “Mixfly Apple Watch Compact Charger”.

This little daddy got our attention, mainly because we needed something in about a day and didn’t want to take the time to go to a supermarket and pay full price. Perfect to stash in the inside pocket of your travel bag, if you forget your Apple Watch charger or docking station, or your charger just doesn’t quite survive travel, nor did ours.

Pull it out, plug it in with a Lightning cable, and you’re good to go.

There’s no special sauce here, nor any Apple-approved special. Apple Watches since the Series 3 have (theoretically) been able to use Qi, and that’s what it appears to be, just in case it’s compatible with Apple.

If you mount it directly against the back of a caseless iPhone with wireless charging capabilities, which has shipped roughly in the past five years, it even works as a Qi wireless charger — not MagSafe. Since it requires a Lightning cable, we’re not sure why you wouldn’t just plug it into your iPhone instead of fumbling around and being incredibly careful with it.

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We had no issues with random physical disconnects or inexplicable charging stops. Well, at least there are no more problems than we usually have with the Apple Watch dial.

And it works on AirPods charging cases compatible with the Apple Watch charging dock, too.

So far, in the eight weeks since we took a (low-risk) chance and bought one, I’ve survived a 1,700-mile round trip in a car, an 11-day hotel life, a few train trips, and perhaps most of all, the biggest testament to that, rough handling by kids. . In terms of durability, that’s about as much as you can ask of something like this.

Sometimes, reviews are short and sweet. This is one of them. Despite oddly having “iWatch” in the name, this one-inch metal-and-plastic Apple Watch charger does what it says it will do, does it well, and does it for cheap.

We’re by no means sure that it’ll last forever, but for now, it’s a good workaround for not having another cable in your suitcase. And if you lose it, based on the pricing history and attachable coupons we’ve seen in the last month, you’ll lose about $9 most of the time, maybe just $6.

Mixfly ultra-compact Apple Watch charger Pros

  • Pricing value
  • Compact for travel
  • It uses Lightning, which you probably use for your iPhone
  • Works with AirPods

Cons The Apple Watch Mixfly Charger is very compact

Rating: 4 out of 5

This score assumes you can get it for less than $10. Take half a point off that score if it’s at the full retail price of $15.

With more travel to come in the next few months, we’ll see how long that lasts, and come back in a few months.

where to buy

The Mixfly Upgrade Ultra-Compact iWatch Charger Dock for Apple Watch retails for $14.99. When you post this, there’s a click-box to apply the 35% off coupon – which it almost always does.