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Did you just get a Nintendo Switch? These are the first things to do

4) Get some equipment

Stuff Nintendo Switch Setup Elite Edition Case

You can spend some time with your Nintendo Switch right out of the box. But after the initial excitement subsides, there’s a good chance you’ll want some accessories to keep your console company. From consoles to cases, here are six additions to improve your gaming entertainment.

Nintendo Switch Elite Edition Deluxe Travel Case (£15)

Some models may work with your TV, but the switch is also designed for travel. Carry your mobile device and all of its accessories in this simple bag. A hard shell keeps contents secure, while slots inside the cradle hold up to 14 different toys and accessories. Compatible with all three versions, the lift bar makes it easy to get your key out. Buy the Nintendo Switch Elite Edition Deluxe Travel Case here at

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (£50)

While Nintendo’s Joy-Cons are nothing if not versatile, sometimes you need the familiarity of a classic console. Equipped with a D-pad, dual analog sticks and plenty of buttons to fiddle with, the ergonomic Pro Controller lets you take control of a ‘proper’ gamepad – perfect for epic sessions on TV. Buy the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller here from Amazon

SanDisk Nintendo Switch microSDXC Card (£39)

The Switch and Switch Lite ship with 32GB of internal storage, while the larger OLED comes with 64GB. Download some games, and soon you will maximize this space. Unlock more with this microSD card from SanDisk: officially licensed, it comes in four sizes – each with a Ninty theme. Arguably, 128GB hits the spot for the price and sheer capacity. Buy the SanDisk Nintendo Switch microSDXC card here from Amazon

HORI Switch Compact PlayStand (£10)

The Switch may have a built-in kickstand, but the flimsy bracket prevents the system from charging while it’s standing. HORI’s Compact Playstand can prop your Switch in one of three selectable angles, while still providing access to the all-important USB-C port. Plus, it’s collapsible, which makes it great for tossing on the go. Buy HORI Switch Compact PlayStand from Amazon

Brock PowerBay Presses (£70)

Not as ingenious as Nintendo’s Dock, this external dock allows you to play with a pair of GameCube controllers. Similar to a miniature version of the Noughties game console, the Power Bay can also charge your Switch, send a video signal via HDMI to a TV and stream Bluetooth audio to a wireless headset. Buy the Mcbazel Brook Power Bay here from Amazon

Anker PowerCore+ 26,800 mAh PD (£85)

The battery life of a few hours is adequate for commuting, but you’ll need more on a long trip. Ninty believes the Switch can last up to nine hours on a single charge, but longevity can vary widely. Need a foolproof juice? Anker’s PowerCore+ PD Power Bank packs a lot. It’s not the smallest bank around, but its 26,800mAh capacity is enough to boost your Switch several times over. Buy the Anker PowerCore+ 26,800mAh PD from Anker