TCL announces 30 expanded series of smartphones

TCL revisited its latest line of Android smartphones at MWC 2022, with the introduction of several new members. OEM supportcommitmentState-of-the-art connectivity with groundbreaking 5G for these new 30V siblings.

Accordingly, this variant has the highest price of the new 30 series phones, with a recommended cost of €249 (~$279). TCL 30+ is the next most expensive at €199 (~$223), while the vanilla 30 is €179 (~$200). The 30 SE is set at €149 (~$167), with the €30 SE priced at just €139 (~$156).

TCL hasn’t revealed all of the specs for all of these new variants, save for a vague mention of batteries of 5,000mAh or greater in capacity for all models, and 7.74mm-height bezels on the 30 5G, 30+, and 30.

He was most impressed, however, about the screens offered across the range. The 30 5G, 30+ and 30 more premium devices have the same 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED display, although it still has a U-shaped notch from the other two.

The 30 SE and E models have a smaller 6.52-inch screen. It may not be AMOLED, but it shares TCL’s NXTVISION technology. Finally, every new phone has a 50MP rear camera.

This new family of 30 series will be available in Europe soon, with the exception of the 30 E model, which will be released in April 2022.

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