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Save up to £70 on smart heating with Hive’s hot Black Friday deals

With winter well and already under way, the thermostats work. Not only do smart thermostats mean you can stay curled up on the couch while changing the heating, but they also give you greater control to save on bills. Hive is one of the most popular brands of smart heating, with a range of appliances available. And this Black Friday you can get up to £70 off Hive gear:

Upgrading your heating system and introducing some energy-saving features, the Hive system earned four stars out of five in our review. As you’d expect from smart heating, Hive’s smart thermostat kits allow you to control your heating anytime and from anywhere, using the companion app or your favorite home assistant.

With smart features like geolocation, the smart heating technology automatically kicks in the heat when you need it. You can also set schedules and goals right from within the app. Have you ever left the heating on while on vacation? Hive’s smart alerts will let you know, so you can turn it off from afar.

On top of all that, the tech is super easy to set up, taking half an hour to do it yourself (we tried that). And if DIY isn’t for you, there’s an option to get an expert to install the thermostat. On top of that, Hive believes it can save you up to £311 on your heating bills per year.

Plus, if you already control your pipes with Hive’s smart heating technology, you can get a few extra accessories at bargain prices, too. A single radiator valve is 20% off at just £43, while multi-packs of three and five are down 10%.