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In a shocking move, the Chinese company Oppo and OnePlus were banned in Germany!

China’s smartphone makers Oppo and OnePlus have been banned and will not be available in Germany. Know what all this ban is about.

China’s largest smartphone manufacturers Oppo and OnePlus have been banned in Germany! Oppo and OnePlus smartphones will no longer be available in Germany. This comes from a report in Nokiamob.net that says the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany has ruled in favor of Nokia against its ongoing patent dispute with Oppo and OnePlus. In 2021, Nokia sued Oppo in four different countries in Asia and Europe, including India, the UK, France and Germany after failing to reach an agreement over the use of Nokia’s patented technology on Oppo devices without licenses.

However, this is not a permanent ban, but Oppo and OnePlus may not be able to sell their devices in Germany due to infringement of Nokia’s European patent EP 17 04731. Nokia has now scored its first victory in the patent dispute against Oppo. But what is all this controversy and lawsuit?

Nokia vs Oppo case: what it’s about

A German court in Mannheim has announced a lawsuit in favor of Nokia in its 4G/5G patent dispute against Oppo and sister brand OnePlus. It comes after the breakdown of patent discussions over 4G (LTE) and 5G connectivity between smartphone manufacturing brands Nokia and Oppo.

Nokia has sued Oppo for 9 standard essential patents (SEPs) and five executive patents in three regional German courts, reports GizmoChina. It should be noted that Nokia is the standard bearer in the 5G SEPs sector also with huge investments of around 129 billion euros. In addition, it has a number of patents in this field which has obtained many settlements in recent years.

This ruling by the German regional court is the first ruling on disputed patents that has awarded Nokia a cease and desist order against Oppo, which simply means that Oppo and OnePlus will not be able to sell smartphones there.

Oppo is not the first brand…

Oppo is not the only brand that Nokia is suing. Back in May 2017, Apple paid $2 billion to Nokia in a settlement over a patent lawsuit for infringement of Nokia patents as well as patents from Nokia-owned companies, NSN and Alcatel-Lucent. However, the dispute was quickly settled and now they are collaborating on several techniques. Besides Oppo and Apple, Nokia has also filed a patent infringement lawsuit against another tech company Lenovo in four countries including the US, Brazil, India and Germany. After a year of dispute, it was finally settled by the companies in April 2022.