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HTC is back with a new smartphone, which will be launched on June 16th

HTC will announce a new smartphone on June 16, the company announced on its official Facebook page. Although he has not revealed any information about the name or specifications yet, rumors have already spread about a model called Desire Pro 20, and this may be the phone that the company plans to launch. Teaser images show the angle of two devices, but it is not yet known if HTC will launch more than one version.

htc june 16 teaser

The HTC brand will be familiar to many phone fans, given its impressive track record of launching phones like the One M8, and older phones like the HTC Sensation. However, the company hasn’t been able to compete with Samsung, Apple, and OnePlus over the past few years, and the latest releases haven’t gotten much attention. Its once prolific production has slowed down to a few domestic smartphone releases.

It is not yet clear whether or not the new phone will change hands, and the teaser for the device only appeared on HTC’s Taiwanese Facebook page, indicating that it may not receive a wide release. However, this is not certain. What do we know about the new HTC phone? Not much from HTC, aside from a hint in the teaser image that it will have a punch-hole camera on the front. Previously, a mockup of the phone was leaked, showing what was said to be the Desire 20 Pro with a four-sensor camera on the back, and also an actual fingerprint sensor.

htc desire 20 pro leak

The device pictured also has a punch-hole camera in the top corner of the screen, which looks completely flat here. Four camera sensors may not mean a quad-lens camera, as the lowest sensor seems quite small, and may end up being used for focus rather than photography tasks. That, along with the unusual choice of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, suggests the Desire 20 Pro will be a mid-range smartphone at best, and it won’t be the Galaxy S20 Plus or OnePlus 8 Pro.

However, with affordable phones becoming more popular than ever, thanks to models like the Google Pixel 3a and iPhone SE (2020), as well as HTC’s well-established history, we can still be expected to look forward to it. HTC will unveil its new phone during an online event on June 16th.

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