The next gen Sony IMX866 phone camera sensor gets detailed with a unique feature

The next-generation Sony IMX866 phone camera sensor is detailed with a unique feature

More Sony 800-series camera sensors that will be present in the next generation of flagship phones are detailed. Under the model name Sony IMX866, the 50MP representative of the series is supposed to arrive in future phones from OnePlus, for example, which was using the predecessor of the IMX766 for 9 Pro, or Oppo, which it uses for both the main cameras and the ultrawide cameras of its latest ones Look for the flagship X5 Pro.

The Sony IMX866 is expected to be larger than the IMX766, with larger pixels capable of gathering more light, according to leaked reports. Digital chat station. Another big difference would be the arrangement of the RGB pixel matrix, as opposed to the traditional RGB pixels used in the current IMX766. Adding the extra white pixels allows for better light gathering and better color accuracy if the computational algorithms are implemented correctly as well.
Last but not least, and this is the biggest news about Sony’s upcoming 50MP IMX866 sensor, is that it’s actually a dual-frame sensor that goes to a 16:11 aspect ratio using 1/1.49″ of the sensor size when recording. For photos, it goes back to the 16:11 aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and the total size not yet reported.

In this way the sensor will allow optimal light collection in both video and photo capture scenarios whose needs differ in this regard. This is the most interesting feature of the new Sony IMX866 sensor and we can’t wait to hear what quick marketing names the phone makers will be using.