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Four million smartphone users in Canada are willing to upgrade to 5G

Mobile operators in Canada already provide 5G coverage to 75% of the population

Four million smartphone users in Canada expect to upgrade to 5G services over the next 12 to 15 months, according to a recent Ericsson survey.

That number represents 17% of smartphone users in the country, according to the European vendor. Ericsson also noted that Canadian service providers may help these users realize their intent by addressing consumer segments that are traditionally grabbed for 5G networks first — such as early adopters, heavy users of mobile broadband, and people who already own 5G-ready smartphones but are They don’t have it. Have a 5G service plan.

The survey, conducted by Ericsson ConsumerLab, found that eight out of ten current 5G users in Canada do not want to go back to 4G. However, consumer knowledge about 5G and its benefits needs more work, with 15% of users claiming to be using 5G but using a 4G phone and another 18% owning a 5G capable device but not having upgraded to a 5G subscription.

Jasmeet Singh Sethi, Head of Ericsson ConsumerLab, said: “Globally we have seen that the 5G user base begins to shift towards more demanding mainstream users when more than 15% of smartphone users in the market migrate to 5G. Those who are mainstream technology adopters are more value conscious. And they have higher expectations of early adopters driven by new technology.The Canadian findings and global trends identified in this consumer report suggest we’re well on our way to the next wave of 5G.As 5G becomes mainstream, service providers need to prepare for more customers looking to take advantage more than the 5G experience.”

The Swedish vendor also highlighted that when market penetration reaches around 15%, 5G subscriptions start to overtake early adopters into the next wave of 5G users. Ericsson noted that Canada is getting closer to the next wave, with 5G market penetration currently at 9%.

Yasir Hussain, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Ericsson Canada, said: “Six out of ten Canadian respondents said they want 5G plans to offer more than just gigabytes. Consumers are looking for more tailored network capabilities like app-enhanced connectivity rather than From the best effort of 5G networks, which itself has improved measurably this year with the introduction of mid-band spectrum.This illustrates the new business model opportunities that the next wave of 5G presents to service providers by bundling digital services and focusing on quality of service for demanding applications such as gaming and extended reality. (XR).”

Canadians have had access to 5G network service since 2020. Currently, 5G networks provide coverage to 75% of the country’s population.

An Ericson ConsumerLab study showed that although 5G coverage has already reached a high level of coverage, only 33% of Canadian users see themselves connected more than 50% of the time.

The survey also highlighted that 60% of smartphone users are satisfied with the 5G service provider.