7 reasons why I have an Android smartphone instead of an iPhone

They don’t come cheap

iPhone 14 on display inside the Apple Store in Marunouchi, Tokyo

Stanislav Kojiko/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Price is probably the biggest consideration when buying a new phone. And iPhones aren’t cheap.

The latest model, the iPhone 14, costs $799 for the cheapest version. The Pro version, which comes with other benefits like a better camera and the new Dynamic Island feature, starts at $999.

You can add $100 if you want to upgrade either model to the Plus or Max version, which has a larger screen. The most expensive version of the iPhone 14 available for purchase is the Pro Max with a storage capacity of $ 1,599.

If you want a more basic version with less functionality but a lower price, you’re out of luck. Unlike other phone makers, Apple does not sell an updated but lower budget version of its phones, instead redirecting customers to its older models.

By contrast, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G sells for under $500, along with higher-end models like flip and foldable phones.

My current phone — Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G — isn’t perfect, and there are things about it that can bring me down, but at least I know I haven’t spent a lot of money on it.