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West Cork ‘established’ cocaine dealer to be sentenced at the end of January

An Enniskin man described as actively involved in the cocaine trade in rural West Cork will be sentenced on 31 January.

Ian Murphy admitted in Cork Circuit Criminal Court that he had cocaine for sale or supply on 12 May 2020, at his home at 4 Tir na Greine, Enniskeane, County Cork.

Judge Dara Hayes commented through the prosecution’s evidence that the accused was active and involved in dealing cocaine in his local community for profit. In exchange for this, he took important steps in his rehabilitation.

“I will be postponing this to January 31st. In the meantime, urinalysis reports must be available and there must be fortnightly results between now and then. He should be under no illusions that a custodial sentence remains a strong possibility,” the judge warned.

diet. Gardaí Colin O’Mahony said Gardaí of West Cork’s drug unit went to Ian Murphy’s home in Enniskin with a warrant for a search.

“I introduced myself as a member of An Garda Síochána and he led us to his bedroom. There was cocaine with a street value of €5,900 under the bed. Digital scales, two mobile phones and a large number of bags of bargains were also found as part of the drug dealing project” Det. Garda O’Mahony said.

Murphy admitted in an interview that he would collect money from others and travel to Cork to purchase a quantity of cocaine which he would supply to ten regular customers and three or four others in the area. He said he had been doing this for four months.

However, the detective said the West Cork Narcotics Unit believed the defendant had been entrenched in the drug trade in West Cork for 15 years.

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Peter O’Flynn, the defense attorney, submitted that a background report on Ian Murphy indicated his mental health issues were complicated by his difficult and tragic past and the fact that he began using drugs at a young age.

Bruree has attended and completed the program but unfortunately has relapsed again. After being arrested for this crime, he has returned to therapy and aftercare. He regularly brings in anonymous drugs.

“He keeps a full-time job, stays drug-free and attends with his addiction counselor and stays in aftercare. He’s been drug-free for the past 18 months. He’s doing what he can to keep his drug-free background. great grew up in them,” said Mr O’Flynn.