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Moment Black Friday Deals: Save up to 60% on iPhone cases, cameras, and more

Save up to 60% at Moment

51542 102072 moment black friday sale

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Moment offers cameras and accessories for photographers and iPhone users – and the Black Friday sale is up to 60% off with an additional promo code valid today only.

The company is offering shoppers up to 60% off all products on its website for the rest of the week. However, if you’re looking to buy Moment-branded gear, you can save an extra 10% over $250 using the promo code Black Friday.

Here are two products we love iPhone users.

Moment MagSafe iPhone 14 case

The MagSafe case by Moment for the iPhone 14 collection includes a wrist strap attachment, lens and filter attachment system that snaps in and out of the case.

Moment iPhone 14 case

Moment iPhone 14 case

It features the company’s Force (M) magnet assembly compatible with the entire line of Moment Mounts for the MagSafe line. The front-mount feature of the Pro models only allows users to mount the new Moment CineClear Protective Filter and 67mm Filter Adapter from the front.

Moment Case for iPhone 14 is available for sale at $39.99. Spend $250 or more on Moment Gear on November 23 and save an extra 10% with this coupon code Black Friday.

Nomad iPhone 14 modern leather case

Nomad’s MagSafe leather case is stylish while also offering tough protection. It’s made of full grain, sustainably sourced leather that develops a unique look over time.

Nomad iPhone 14 modern leather case

Nomad iPhone 14 modern leather case

It is not compatible with Moment M-Series products, but it does support MagSafe.

The Nomad Modern Leather Case retails for $37.46 with free shipping when your order reaches $98. Alternatively, you can get the same case on sale for $36.95 from Nomad for Black Friday, but with free shipping on orders over $150.

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