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This clip from Revisiting the Age of Old Cell Phones is nostalgic

Gone are the days when it was the trend of foldable cell phones and small phones that fit in our pockets and still make plenty of space in there. Unhein open karne ka hi alag tha booty! It was the 2000s, the golden age of uniquely designed phones. At least we didn’t have to sell our kidney to own it.

Unfortunately, their sales dwindled after the advent of smartphones and then they disappeared like an airplane disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. In any case.

A video of old cell phones caught our attention on Twitter. It’s a nostalgic moment for sure.

Twitter user, @employee, posted the clip on the micro-blogging platform where we can see someone showcasing old cell phones of brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Panasonic. The spectacle of how these phones unlock is fun to watch.

The user wrote, “Kids of today: iPhone looks so cool. I remember the 2000s:”

Watch the clip here:

Twitterati remembers the good old days:

I know, I know, some of you are planning to buy a new iPhone in the annual sales going on on shopping sites, but, isn’t the old era worth remembering? Creativity in terms of design is definitely lost now.

iPhones and all are great, but these phones were a pure gem.

what do you think?