The largest ever 50MP phone camera sensor from Sony is landing in a handset this year

Sony’s largest 50MP phone camera sensor to land in a phone this year

Back in 2014, with Panasonic’s DMC-CM1 launched the phone with its largest-ever camera sensor at the time, a 20-megapixel one-inch affair that attached something closer to an Android point-and-shoot camera than a phone.

Leave it to Sony to once again come up with a massive 1-inch camera phone sensor that makes a reliable leak The Digital Chat Station claims a phone under model number IMX989 will be released as soon as this year.
If we had to guess, Sony’s new 1-inch sensor could make a cameo in the heir to the Xperia PRO-I or another Xiaomi flagship, but whichever phone gets it first will be able to boast the largest 50-megapixel camera sensor in a phone, given its resolution The main camera in the PRO-I is only 12 megapixels.

In any case, going straight to Sony’s new IMX900 series of sensors would be a big deal, and we can’t wait to see what this new sensor brings to our already great phone camera shooting experience.