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Nokia and TPG Telecom have reached transfer speeds of up to 2Gbps 5Gbps

Finnish telecom company Nokia and TPG Telecom achieved 5G connection speeds of up to 2 Gbps by deploying TPG Telecom’s 5G mmWave spectrum during a live demonstration at the Nokia 5G Futures Lab in Sydney, Australia.

Claiming to be the fastest Australian record for 5G uplink, the speed will enable Nokia and customers such as TPG Telecom to provide low-latency services for industrial and IoT applications that rely on connectivity.

The live demonstration saw a Nokia AirScale 5G mmWave base station using TPG Telecom’s 26GHz spectrum to connect, over the air, to a 5G device powered by the Snapdragon X65 5G Modem-RF System featuring 4th generation Qualcomm QTM545 mmWave antenna units.

In addition, Nokia has deployed its Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology to take advantage of available spectrum assets. The CA setup included four component carriers of 100 MHz each in the 26 GHz band.

The solution is expected to be fully deployed next year as new hardware supporting this capability becomes available.

5G mmWave technology will create new service opportunities for both consumers and industries. For consumers, it will allow multi-user real-time multi-user ultra-high definition 8K bidirectional video streaming, and augmented reality content to smartphones or wearables for immersive experiences, according to Nokia.

Industries will benefit from massive amounts of data flowing directly from embedded IoT sensors and industrial robots over 5G, allowing real-time control of industrial processes using Edge Compute Nodes connected to 5G networks.

The concept of processor offloading over a 5G network was also demonstrated at the event with a ‘Spot’ – a 5G-connected Robot Dog – developed in collaboration with the University of Technology Sydney.

“The superior uplink speeds are essential to fully realizing the enormous benefits of 5G networks, especially as we look to emerging technologies such as augmented intelligence, machine learning, advanced sensors, and robotics that are set to transform industries and economies with great safety and productivity,” said Dr. Robert Joyce, chief technology officer at Nokia Oceania, “Efficiency results as we move into the metaverse era.”

“This demonstration is important as it shows the huge potential of 5G mobile technology and gives a glimpse of the high-speed services that will one day be available to customers and businesses across Australia,” said Giovanni Chiarelli, Chief Technology Officer, TBG Telecom.

This first appeared in the CommsWire subscription newsletter on November 18, 2022.


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