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The UK smartphone market is expected to reach US$18.35 billion by 2027, at a compound annual growth rate of 3.60% over the forecast period. The UK smartphone market is primarily driven by the increase in internet usage, demand for cutting-edge platforms, and advancements in technology.

mentioned companies

  • Apple Computer UK Ltd

  • Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd.

  • Huawei Technologies (UK) Limited

  • Nokia (UK) Limited

  • Reflection of investment bv

  • Google UK Limited

  • Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunication Corp. Ltd

  • Xiaomi Tech Ltd

  • Lenovo Technology UK Ltd

  • ZTE UK

Previously, smartphones were seen as business tools with limited functionality and a high price tag. Only a few smartphones from HTC, Motorola, etc. were available and they all had minimal capabilities. Smartphones first gained popularity in 2007, when Apple Inc. The first generation iPhone was released in June of that year, giving the term “smartphone” a whole new meaning. The company sold more than 1 million iPhones in just three months, making it the most successful launch of the decade. Since then, the worldwide smartphone market has been changed by the latest technology breakthroughs, allowing smartphones to be equipped with extraordinary capabilities.

Since the mid-2010s, the smartphone market has slowed because smartphone manufacturers have catered to consumers’ desires in many areas, such as making phones with trendy screens, high-quality cameras, all-day battery life, and fast connectivity. Previously, 4G, increasing screen size and battery efficiency, adding cameras with zoom functions, biometric identification systems, and wireless charging were all developments that encouraged users to buy smartphones. As the decade wound down, phone innovation slowed, and customers’ motivation to upgrade to a new smartphone due to consistency of functionality across devices and price points waned.

Evolving platforms and online education have contributed to the growth of the UK smartphone market.

In terms of operating system, the UK smartphone market is segmented into Android, iOS, and others. Of these, iOS dominated the market with a majority market share of around 53% in 2021. It will continue to dominate the market over the forecast period, as people in the UK prefer the Apple iPhone more than any other Android device. .

Excessive use of smartphones is fueling market growth

Earlier, phones were only used to make calls and send messages, but it is different with smartphones. In the UK, the average person uses their smartphone for 148 minutes a day. The amount of time spent on phones in the UK is expected to rise, given that smartphones are used for various purposes these days. In addition, the use of phones for business activities such as making video calls, sending emails, viewing PDF documents, etc. is expected to contribute significantly to this market.

5G connectivity is driving market growth

In most cases, there are no extra charges in addition to the current prices for 5G services, which are already widely available across the UK. Brands will continue to make unique 5G products, while 4G smartphone prices will drop rapidly, or smartphones will be phased out from corporate smartphone portfolios, as Apple has done. The demise of the legacy network will accelerate the adoption of 4G and 5G hybrid phones (feature smartphones) and new operating systems designed for niche markets such as older and rugged devices.

Supply chain disruptions hinder market growth

Supply chain disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting retail stores, wholesale and online sales. Imports of smartphones and raw materials were the hardest hit, due to the strict travel and transportation restrictions imposed around the world, during that period. This negatively affected multi-brand store sales, which are the main source of smartphone sales in the UK.

Increased use of the Internet is driving market growth

In the UK, monthly mobile data usage increased by an average of 11GB during lockdown. According to TechRadar, most of that mobile traffic has been used to make video calls, which have been one of the most popular ways to communicate with loved ones during the lockdown. 27% of respondents said they played mobile games while 20% cited online courses in colleges and universities as the main reason for their increased mobile data usage.

Report Scope:

In this report, the UK smartphone market has been segmented into the following categories, along with the industry trends which are also detailed below:

UK Smartphone Market, By Operating System:

UK Smartphone Market, By Display Technology:

UK Smartphone Market, by Distribution Channel:

  • Multi-brand stores

  • Exclusive stores

  • Connected

  • others

UK Smartphone Market, by Region:

  • England

  • Scotland

  • Wells

  • northern Ireland

UK smartphone market, by city:

  • London

  • Birmingham

  • Liverpool

  • Nottingham

  • Sheffield

  • Bristol

  • Glasgow

  • lester

  • Leeds

  • Edinburgh

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