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Vodafone and Ericsson continue to improve networks in Oman


Continuing evidence of the growth in the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) to operators comes in the form of a recent announcement by Ericsson and Vodafone Oman of a partnership that will, in their words, “enable the development of a telco’s network infrastructure across multiple domains.” More precisely, in this latest development in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies, Ericsson will provide AI-based perceptual technology solutions for network optimization to enable Vodafone’s implementation of Zero Touch Operations (ZTO) and anomaly detection capabilities.

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Collectively, these technologies, according to Ericsson, provide close to real, multi- and cross-domain data analytics and optimization skills, using a big data platform with significantly improved scalability and performance. Ericsson Cognitive Software Solutions (EEA) and Network Optimization are some of the technologies that have been deployed. In order to fully realize the potential of next-generation networks, Ericsson’s market-leading portfolio of cognitive software solutions provides a unique fusion of network design and domain knowledge management with the latest AI technologies.

The technologies help Vodafone evaluate customer experiences, maintain and increase sales subscribers, and prioritize infrastructure expenditures by correlating metrics and events from the network environment. In order to assist, improve and track 5G deployments and subscriber acceptance, the EEA is also helping Vodafone gather important insights.

All this as a result of many owners around the world implementing AI based solutions and robots. In September 2021, Oman-based companies Ericsson and Vodafone signed a five-year managed service contract for data- and AI-driven networks and IT operations and optimization. With the help of Ericsson’s Operations Engine, Vodafone has been able to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency and encourage innovation.

Stelios Savvides, CTO, Vodafone Oman, said: “As we continue our digital journey, the use of AI in network operations is critical to our business agility, customer satisfaction and streamlining decision-making processes. With advanced AI and automation capabilities, Ericsson solutions support our ecosystem of digital operators, using data analytics to support growth, provide insight into network usage and drive improvements to ensure an enriching experience for our customers.”