The post-Bitcoin era welcomes PLC Ultima Blockchain with mobile mining

Can a cryptocurrency mining farm put it in the pocket? The team behind a new blockchain-based ecosystem called PLC Ultima answers this question with a “yes,” as they have developed a proprietary mobile app that allows users to generate new coins on their smartphones.

Mining usually requires powerful computing machines. Smartphones and other mobile devices can’t really provide that much computing power. But as it turned out, this problem can be solved at the code level using special algorithms.

Say “no” to energy-intensive mining

The PLC Ultima ecosystem developer team, based on the stable, fast, and cyberattack-resistant Litecoin blockchain and enhanced with the CryptoNight hashing algorithm used by Bitcoin and Monero, has developed an additional smartphone adapter called Middleware. It gives users a lightweight mobile wallet that is able to download the underlying data from the blockchain and convert it into lightweight data on smartphones. Moreover, this cutting-edge technology has paved the way for creating a lightweight mobile application. A coin is a more energy efficient version of the PoW consensus mechanism for creating new coins that does not require special computing equipment.

Unlike bitcoin miners who need to buy expensive equipment, coin miners in the PLC Ultima ecosystem only need to register new accounts, download special apps (Ultima Farm and Ultima Wallet) on their smartphones, and freeze a certain number of coins native to the ecosystem. . Then, they choose the digital certificate, any kind of subscription plan, that best suits their goals, purchase it and get access to the mint technology for about a year. The higher the level of the digital certificate, the more coins they can freeze in their wallets, and more coins can be obtained as a reward. PLC Ultima operates two native currencies, PLCU and PLCUX. Both are being minted, but currently PLCUX is still only available to new users.

Every month users receive rewards for their contribution to the ecosystem. The rewards are distributed via a private smart contract and correspond to the number of coins frozen in the wallet.

Welcome to the world of decentralized financial technology

All coins minted and stored can be spent within the PLC Ultima ecosystem, home to dozens of high-performance e-commerce and crowdfunding services. In 2021, approximately 700,000 people from more than 120 countries around the world are registered as members of the PLC Ultima ecosystem. By September 2022, the number of active users has exceeded 1.5 million.

The rapid rise in traffic is due to the unparalleled services that can be found in the PLC Ultima ecosystem. The blockchain-powered crowdfunding platform called Platin Hero and the global e-commerce marketplace called PlatinDeal are the main attractions for the users.

Platin Hero, through its blockchain-based fundraising process, ensures maximum transparency and contributes to maintaining trust between the donor and the project. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, whose users often find themselves scammed, Platin Hero makes the crowdfunding process win-win for all parties. Projects gain access to thousands of audiences from the PLC Ultima ecosystem, receive free promotion and funding for their ideas, while donors receive rewards from projects and a bonus of 10% of the amount they have contributed. On its end, PlatinDeal gives users an easy-to-use classifieds platform with a friendly user interface. Users can launch their digital stores with a few clicks, sell goods or services, or shop for their carts with cryptocurrency.

Defining its mission as improving the quality of life, PLC Ultima is first and foremost an easy-to-use, accessible ecosystem with lots of essential services in everyday life. The project is run by Alex Reinhardt, a venture investor, economist, and entrepreneur who has launched dozens of startups and fintech platforms.