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The advantage of quitting gadget addiction

The advantage of quitting gadget addiction

Written by Vijay Vanshekar:

Loud thinking

There is an uproar on social media that businessman Mr. Anand Mahendra said his wife advised him to get rid of his computer and mobile phone to ensure better sleep quality. Mr Mahendra’s post is in response to another post in which doctors advised Ahad Anand to get rid of his computer and mobile phone in order to get a sounder sleep. Mr. Mahendra is described as having made it clear that he was not ‘Anand’, although his wife, too, had offered him similar advice. This episode featuring the legendary industry leader says it all in favor of a change in the current lifestyle of countless people for whom computers and cell phones have become part of a terrible addiction. Of course, some positive changes are being reported on that front — much to the relief of those who advocate for it. But the example of how Ms. Anand Mahendra advised her husband to abandon his dependence on computers and mobile phones and enjoy a sounder sleep will certainly add great value to people’s general understanding of what kind of benefits they will get if they move away from computers and mobile phones in an obsessive manner.

Let’s admit that a complete rejection of computers and mobile phones is not possible in today’s era of technological dominance. But let’s also admit that reasonable restrictions can be imposed on ourselves and ensure a better quality of life. One of the most prevalent negative features of addiction to computers and mobile phones is the constant mental discomfort that many go unnoticed. This irritation keeps the mind agitated for obvious reasons and this agitation affects various physical and mental processes. This is what researchers have noticed as well as doctors. Doctors often come across cases of people having an eternally disturbed mind and lack of sleep – which translates into less efficiency in work, studies or any projects where maximum mental focus is the primary need. Doctors have been known to advise their patients to break their addictions to computers and cell phones – and lead a better life. There have also been some good examples recently of people shedding their emotional dependence on gadgets and taking to reading physical books. All of these people later reported a calmer state of mind and better physical health for themselves. The thinker-out-loud says this over and over again in different ways only because he believes that those who have developed a vicious addiction to computers and cell phones should give up this vice – and enjoy a happier life.