Samsung Galaxy A12 vs Infinix Hot 10T buttons scaled

Samsung Galaxy A12 is the most popular Samsung smartphone among Android users

Samsung Galaxy A12 vs Infinix Hot 10T Buttons
Samsung Galaxy A12 vs Infinix Hot 10T Buttons

In 2021, more than 1 billion Android smartphones have been shipped worldwide. Now, the world’s most popular mobile operating system has more than 2.8 billion active users, and most of them prefer Samsung devices.

According to data provided by SportLens, the Samsung Galaxy is the most popular Android phone globally, with a market share of 7.4% in November.

Samsung owns 34.6% of the Android Market

Samsung has held the lead in market share since the early days of Android and has continued to do well since then.

The Chinese manufacturers overtook HTC, LG (which has since stopped making phones), and others in the mid-2010s and are now responsible for more than 50% of global Android device sales.

According to new data, Samsung took 34.6% of the market share in November, a significant increase from second-ranked Xiaomi.

Statistics show that the Chinese manufacturer has a market share of 14.3% as of this month.

OPPO smartphones came in third with a share of 10.3% in November, followed by vivo and Huawei with a share of 9.8% and 6.7%, respectively.

Additional information also showed that the Samsung Galaxy A12 was the most popular smartphone among Android users, with a market share of 2.1% as of November 15, or 5% less than last month.

Samsung Galaxy A21s was ranked as the second most popular Samsung device with 1% market share in November, the same as the third Samsung Galaxy A10s.

The global Android market share reached 71.3% in November

More data showed that Android maintained its position as the leading mobile operating system worldwide, dominating the mobile operating system market with a 71.3% share in November, up slightly from 71.1% in the same month last year.

In some countries, such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Vietnam, Android has more than 85% of the market.

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Statistics show that iOS accounts for about 28% of the mobile operating system market, as it was in November last year.

In the past five years, Android has lost 1.8% of the global mobile operating system market share, while the iOS market share has increased by nearly 8%.