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Huawei Watch Fit 2 is getting a major software update for global models

Huawei introduced a new solution called Fintech 2.0 in Africa. Ultimately, this solution aims to improve the economic situation and transform money-making facilities and services on machines in the region.

The Chinese tech giant released the effective solution which is AfricaCom 2022 event held recently. Besides the core enhancements, Huawei showed how Fintech 2.0 solution will overcome the economic crisis in Africa.

Speaking of the solution, Fintech 2.0 will help in increasing the growth rate among FinTech players. Moreover, it will facilitate every organization and developer with smart innovations, an optimized time-to-market, and an efficient digital experience.

On the other hand, the solution in question will balance scenarios of quick payment and money lending on gadgets. Thus, the solution will bring benefits from all angles for both users and operators.

In addition, it will help solve digital problems for small and medium industries. As a result, operators in these sectors will have better and more stable business and maintenance operations.

Notably, the main purpose and objective of the Fintech 2.0 solution is to offer secure, stable and reliable platforms for conducting financial and economic services in business.

So far, Huawei has deployed Fintech 2.0 solutions in more than 20 countries. Moreover, it provides a wide range of services to no less than 400 million users.

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Huawei Southern Africa Software Solution and Marketing Manager – Mr. Brian said the following words:

Huawei continues to invest heavily in financial technology research and innovation. Find solutions to help meet global challenges and support expected future developments. Huawei’s fintech solution uniquely combines the strengths of agile business development, a rapidly scalable platform, regulatory and security compliance at the finance level, and finally, accurate real-time risk control, to safely accelerate digital financial inclusion, enabling access to Growing digital economies for every person and organization.