Flashback: How Amazon Fire Phone’s big bet on 3D and impulse buys failed


It was a dream phone for me at the time but with two issues
1. It was an expensive device
2. He couldn’t reach it in my country. I also searched the used market.

It was indeed a good initiative, a 3D device.

I still wish there were at least 3 or 4 players on the OS game. Windows Phone was really amazing. Miss my Lumia 720 and 520🫠.


Anonymous 14 hours agoMetaverse on Facebook has almost the same chances of success as this one.The difference is that one knows when to give up while the other doesn’t.


KrazzyDJ, 2 hours agoThis flashback series has been great at educating us on the history of the smartphone industry…moreThe phones of the past are certainly interesting. Nowadays, we don’t get much of this new factor in phones.


This flashback series has been great at educating us on the history of the smartphone industry in general. Much more interesting than reading a Wikipedia article.


Amazon can start again with an entry-level phone as an Amazon Basics phone.


I loved the parallax effect tracking on this one, you have 3D without glasses or a stereoscopic screen. This is innovation in smartphones that you no longer see. But the 3D fad died pretty quickly.


Anonymous, 7 hours agoAutoscopy monitors are always goatsImagine if they continued to use them on modern phones? Nintendo 3DS emulation will be more accurate. I remember thinking the Fire Phone was a failure, but I thought the 3D stuff was pretty cool like the HTC Evo 3D I saw at Best Buy back in 2011. I can’t believe it’s been over 8 years already.

For me, it felt like 2014 happened last week. I remember Malaysia Airlines disappearing. I remember OnePlus One with instability as their motto. Some great phones came out that year…

one plus one
HTC One M8
Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 (last removable batteries for Galaxy S and Note)
Motorola / Google Nexus 6 (with Lollipop / Material Design)
Sony Xperia Z3 / Z3 Compact
Yota phone 2

The 2014 lineup is much improved upon the 2013 lineup. Too bad the S5 made a mockery of its plastic/Band-Aid design when it had a removable, water-resistant battery.


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Autoscopy monitors are still the goats

always been


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vrvly, 11 hours agoAmazon just gave up lol. 3D rendering even if only used in games would make it sell in many zeros…moreRed hydrogen also fails. The market for such things is very small, and the technology is not very advanced or attractive to ATM consumers.


Honestly, the battery was its biggest weakness.

Everything else looks pretty good for the ita’s price point at the time. Mysterious iPhone 6 had nothing going for it and suffered a bendgate


Saad, 15 hours agoThey must do the main thing again. It sells for $499, with top notch cameras, Screen…moreLmao with today’s inflation of 499 even the likes of xiaomi won’t give you these specs let alone amazon. Just keep dreaming


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It’s really a double-edged thing. For a hardware business to really work, it goes beyond the specification which means the back end, the software, the operating system, the applications and finally the ecosystem, it all works. Fire Phone “differentiation” = The 3D display was really dumb, completely out of Amazon’s core depth. They could have just churned out some big-screen, mega-priced, long-battery-life phones geared towards e-reading and media consumption to fit that Amazon brand. It’s not an e-shopping phone it’s just a weird phone, it’s a Kindle + Fire phone if you will. And still avoid direct competition with OEMs for phones, because frankly they will lose out because that will only kill focus.

Fire OS is a hugely missed opportunity as Amazon, of all droid publishers, has the means and resources to segment it better. If not for their ego of shutting down Google completely so quickly before winning over their initial user base.

Look at Fire HD tablets for example. Bangs for the winners, but it deserves more credit if it weren’t for Fire OS’s limitations.

However, at this point, it’s probably too late because it looks like Amazon is going to fully power the hardware/devices if the news of the past weeks is accurate…


Amazon just gave up lol. 3D rendering even if only used in games would make it sell at many zeros. Even me who doesn’t play games was so infatuated with it that I would start playing.
I had a new device then…
Not sure if it’s the marketing is wrong or some missing features but I definitely liked it and only mention one feature in one use case… what a shame.
… Edit: Is someone out there using a similar technique anyway? Can’t imagine the 3D feature won’t be popular. We’re definitely left behind now that this has happened, considering how far related 3D technology has advanced and still is little progress. This was like a 2.5D screen.


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Metaverse on Facebook has almost the same chances of success as this one.


This is an underrated phone. I used this phone extensively back in the day. It was really very good. Build quality was good (glass back panels were a rarity at the time). It has stereo speakers. The performance was fine for everyday use. Display quality and battery life were pretty decent, but not great. The camera was mediocre. It ran on a forked version of Android, and didn’t have any Gapps (which is excellent if you’re not a fan of Google). 3D stuff might sound like a gimmick to you, but it looked cool (this kind of gimmick feature was all the rage in those days). The 3D perspective will only appear if you move the phone. You can hold the phone still, move your head around it, and it will change the 3D perspective accordingly. I really impressed some girls back in the day with this.

In general, I really liked this phone back in the day. It had outstanding user interface and features, and was generally very comfortable to use. A Gapps-free life isn’t as bad as you might assume, just ask any Huawei user.


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Anonymous, 16 hours agoThe interface looks pretty good like windows phone. The design is also good. Can we have such a phone…moreYes I like this user interface


They must do the main thing again. It sells for $499, and it comes with top notch cameras, Snap 8 gen 2, and a stellar display.
But this time, they must reverse the strategy.
Its price is 499, but the phone only works with Amazon Prime.

Boom, you will get a forever subscriber.


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The interface looks pretty good like windows phone. The design is also good. Can we have phones like this again


5 front cameras. This is crazy to cram into a smartphone!!
But 4 is only used for 3D perspective thing.


I really like these articles. You are a classic of these mobile technology reporting sites.
Please do not stop this series. From Friday, every week I look forward to these articles. Thanks.