Weekly Poll: Do Key Segments Still Matter?


Anonymous, 9 hours agoRay tracing is a scam even on PC-grade GPUs. It’s a great performance…moreagree.
I switched my smartphone from xiaomi midrange to samsung midrange series (A5x/A7x) especially using Exynos 9611 and SD 860/870 (both have good software compatibility and good battery life for normal to medium use)
But the SD 860/870 has more power for photo/video editing speeds.


Nice to have the same opinion as the majority. You’ve voted “flagship yes, but not the latest”.

Most mid-range phones are hardly improved over the previous generation in terms of performance (SD680, 695, Helios G96, G99, etc), but the bloat continues to rise. Today, it’s much better to have a Snapdragon 845 flagship phone than any mid-range phone.
Even if midrangers perform above marks, they are often compromised in terms of music quality and features, camera quality, or video recording specs (many max out at 1080p30 or 4K30, with no 60fps option).

The old Samsung Galaxy S7 can still put some of the mediocrity out there, in terms of camera quality and music in general, want to bet?


GrandCentral, 1 hour agoHonestly, if the Exynos 1280 in my phone was better optimized (although it seems that I … Moreagree,
For example, the mid-range Exynos SoC is good for everyday use (calling, SMS, social media app, camera with great AI, etc.) because Samsung takes care of both software and hardware compatibility (synchronization/stability)
Only a few new smartphone producers (from China, India, Taiwan, etc.) are producing smartphones with gimmick features (fast charging, HD camera sensors, game specialization, camera AI) because of the latest SoC, and they have post-services. Bad selling (hardware issue, software bug, etc.)


The only thing worth anything from the flagship right now are things like an ISP optimized for cameras or high-end security chips, if a mid-range chip included the same ISP and those kinds of hardware features, the flagship SoCs would be useless. Newer cores or higher clock rates and a new GPU make very little difference to over 90% of people? You don’t need a x2/x3 core running at 3.2GHz to use Facebook and twitter or run multiple web pages on a browser/watch content on a streaming service.

Mid-range SoC with good/excellent ISP, security chip/AI processing for battery endurance, minimum 8GB of latest RAM (with virtual RAM extended), minimum 128GB hard drive, WiFi 6/6e, 32GB DAC bit, that with a 120hz screen with dolby vision and hdr10+, full charge in at least 50-60 minutes and 50% in 20 minutes.


omzig, 4 hours agoI don’t want to be dismissive, but this “responsive” thing is almost fully certified…moreYes, the first problem is RAM Hunger in Android.
Primarily, Android is built using the Java programming language which is not optimized for mobile Linux (but it is an open source project and has many contributors).
You can see other OS for older phones/smartphones which have better RAM management (Nokia, Palm, Symbian, iOS, etc.) because they are designed with low level programming language.
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Honestly, if the Exynos 1280 in my phone was better optimized (even though it looks like it is in One UI 5), I wouldn’t have any complaints about performance at all. The main chips of the phones are pointless with how good the mid-range is


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zodiacfml, 7 hours agoOf course they do except for the stupid prices of flagship phones, people shouldn’t be paying for…moreCan a laptop be carried in a trouser pocket?
Can you call?
Can you take a picture?
If you buy a laptop, you buy a PC, you get something more powerful than the 6800u. at the same price


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GAMIR3DH, 2 hours agoMost of the time when I tried to use a mid range phone. I always miss features. Like bet…moreYes, this is why I can only use a mid-range chip if I don’t intend to use it for good photos and videos. I edit photos all the time too, so having a slide master helps get it done faster.


Most of the time when I tried to use a mid range phone. I always miss features. Like better camera quality and options like 4K60 video.
The main chips aren’t just about performance.


Yes, and I am waiting for the 9 flagship before upgrading again.


AhmedSLL, 6 hours agoI think companies will start to go down the apple path, as usual, which is good this time, extraordinarily … moreThat’s a bias, Android Oems already did it before Apple, during the SD 888 a lot of phones came with the 870 too, and also this year, a lot of phones with the sd 888.


Anonymous, 7 hours agoI think this is important but I don’t have to be on the cutting edge. I’ve always had a low to…moreYou don’t want to be dismissive, but this “responsive” thing is based almost entirely on software optimization. The problem in the android camp is that most companies are overwhelmed with the power that modern SoCs only provide with cumbersome heavy non-optimal skins, which work great on top-tier SoCs but lag far behind on lower tiers.

Top level socs these days are overkill. It also gets hot with 60% throttle What actual difference does it make if you have a cold SD870 or an SD 8 Gen 1 throttle?
Gaming aside, what can one do on a smartphone to really take advantage of all that power? like what? Whatsapp / Facebook / Instagram / etc..?

Things get ridiculous with smartphone RAM, too. I have an i5-1137g7 laptop with 8GB of RAM, Win 10 and no lag at all, I can even run Dying Light on medium-low settings. Why should smartphones handle 12+GB of RAM?


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Anonymous, 8 hours agoYou are comparing a primitive look to an existing Android skin. lumia is just a square UI….moreI found what’s wrong with Android


I am using Motorola G 5G since last 2 years and so far I have not had any problem. However, it has a Snapdragon 750g processor and still gives me more than 6 hours of battery backup. Although I am completely satisfied but I decided to replace it.


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Death duck, 8 hours agoIn places like this you will only find bots promoting antitrust. Functional patent laws…moreThis looks like a former Apple user


Flagship chips are important because they pioneer technology that will eventually migrate to lower-tier chips

Another thing to consider is the indirect contributions such as bringing healthy profits to the companies

Consumers think interactively and with a scarcity mindset
Revocation of the leading South Oil Company based on demands for the time being only

Technology must continue to advance proactively even if we don’t have an immediate use for it right now


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Mills, 6 hours agoMost chipsets like A14 and A15 (Quad core GPU) don’t have much difference in loading times. t…moreMy iPhone has a 3 year old A13, no lag. My iPad has an A12, and still no lag. Even the A11 on iOS 15 doesn’t lag (maybe on the A16 it does), just slightly longer loading times.


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There is no power for the phone, people need power for the PC.


Anonymous, 7 hours agoI think this is important but I don’t have to be on the cutting edge. I’ve always had a low to…moreiPhone 11 is not that old. That year’s Android phones are also very fast


Most chipsets like A14 and A15 (Quad core GPU) don’t have much difference in loading times. They are completely identical. So, having the latest A-series chipset is not a must but after 3 years, you can notice some lag.

On the other hand, all the other chip manufacturers (Qualcomm’s SD, Samsung’s Exy., MediaTek’s Deminsity, Helio) are fighting who can outpace the entire competition.