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People are sharing 27 of the craziest vintage phone designs they’ve seen

We’re about to hit you with such a heavy dose of nostalgia you’ll probably wish you had a time machine, dear Pandas. we? We are already working on the charts: the early 2000s are calling and we have no choice but to answer!

Like it or not, smartphones are here to stay for a long time. And while both technology and functionality are great nowadays, sometimes we feel like we lost a little bit of soul when we upgraded. But things didn’t look very nice! Between the ages of ancient brick and ultra-modern obsidian slate, we’ve had an era of unparalleled design innovation. Phones used to look incredibly weird and unique and (dare we say that?) coolin the first decade of the new millennium.

Author Jerry McBridewho works for the satirical news site Waterford Whispers News, went viral on Twitter after sharing some of it more Abroad phone designs ever. We’re featuring the photos that he and other social media users caught everyone’s attention. Vote for your favorite phones, Panda! Let us know which ones you have (or have been eyeing). Oh, and be sure to check out Panda boredom Full interview with Jerry. If you enjoyed his incredibly cool thread and comments, be sure to follow him tweet itvery!

Meanwhile, we also reached out to Matt Johnson, Ph.D., to get some insights into product design and the importance of functionality when it comes to phones. Johnson is Professor of Consumer Psychology at the Hult School of International Business and Harvard University, and author of Branding That Means Business: How to Build Lasting Connections Between Brands, Consumers, and Markets. You’ll find both of our interviews below.