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Nuphy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard review: A small keyboard at a great price

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Nuphy’s Halo65 is a fairly compact mechanical wireless keyboard that’s great to use, but its small size is more than offset by its premium price.

Wireless keyboards usually have a simple, light design that only provides you with a basic typing experience, but Nuphy takes that a step or two further with different backlit keyboard modes and mechanical switches in the Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard.

The keyboard comes with replacement keys in various colors ranging from yellow to red, to white, and a USB-C to USB-A charging cord to either use the keyboard in wired mode or to charge it after using it in wireless mode. Also included is a tool to remove keys when swapping them out.

There are many wireless keyboards to choose from in the market. But if you are looking for a good mechanical device that offers a wide range of customization options from the colors of the backlights displayed to the exterior design, then the Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard may interest you.

the design

The Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard comes with a compact aluminum chassis that measures 12.5 inches long and weighs 2.20 pounds. At this weight, the keyboard can be too heavy for some people looking for a portable wireless keyboard.

The number 65 in the name indicates that it is a 65% ANSI keyboard, as it eliminates the number pad, function description, and other non-essential keys. In total, it already contains 67 keys.

The back includes a USB-C port for connecting the included cord in the box to charging the keyboard or using it in wired mode. There is a switch next to the outlet as well.

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The key is where you can set the mode in which you want to use the keyboard and turn the keyboard on or off. There are symbols indicating the position of the key that performs which action. Wireless mode is supported by Bluetooth 5.0.

Below the keyboard are two supports that allow you to position the keyboard at different angles. Since this is a mechanical keyboard, the higher angle may be more comfortable for some people during their typing experience.

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The outriggers are highly adjustable and can be tilted to almost any degree. Inside each larger one is a smaller kickstand for more options when choosing the angle that’s most comfortable for you.

The keys on the keyboard are mechanical and have a backlit panel underneath that provides some nice effects when typing. The top row is a row of numbers, but it also has various functions for controlling your device’s volume, screen brightness, media playback, accessing the multitasking screen, calling up search, and invoking Siri.

There is a small LED light bar at the top left of the keyboard as well. This bar can be customized and also indicates the battery percentage, if caps lock is on, and if the keyboard is wired or wireless.

writing experience

The Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is smooth and a pleasure to type on. The keys are responsive, bouncy and not sticky.

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The click they make is fluid and streamlined. The keys are also close enough together that you don’t strain your fingers when typing.

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The backlit keyboard illuminates the back of the keys rather than the inside of each key, and while this may not be ideal for some people, others may find it sufficient. A light will run around the outside of the keyboard, but as you type on each key, an LED will light up behind and around it.

Customize your keyboard

Two areas you can dive deep into for customization are with the backlit keyboard and the keys themselves.

Backlit keyboard

The backlit keyboard can be customized in several different areas – the color that appears, the effect produced, the speed of the lights, and the brightness of the lights.

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Holding down the Fn key and clicking each arrow key will customize each area. The left arrow toggles the effect, the right arrow toggles the color, the up or down arrow increases or decreases the brightness, and the comma or period key changes the speed of the effects.

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There are ten different backlight modes, four different side lighting modes, and four different halo lighting modes to choose from. These modes can range from a spectrum of color that starts with each key you type and travels across the edges, to a rapid wave of color that flashes across the keyboard repeatedly.

These modes can be changed at any time.

Replace keys

Color effects aren’t the only area that offers deep customization. You can remove each key and change them to different colors and themes.

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By default – out of the package – the keyboard comes with white keys in the center and black keys surrounding them – with a prominent red “Enter” key. You can change these keys for white and yellow (depending on the key).

The tool included in the package is also very easy to use. You just stick it above and below the key, pull it on, and the key comes off. The key may fly, so be careful of that.

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Installing a new switch is also easy, you just push it down, and it pops into place. With the keys being mechanical and lever, it may appear that the key is not positioned all the way, but it usually is.

Nuphy offers additional keys for purchase on their website if you want more options to choose from.

battery life

While there is a wired mode for the keyboard, it is designed for use in wireless mode. As a result, battery life is an important aspect of a keyboard.

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Nuphy advertises that you can get 240 hours of use out of the keyboard while in wireless mode, and the keyboard seems to be on the right track with that. It has a 4000 mAh battery inside itself, and the battery works efficiently and powerfully.

To see the battery percentage, the LED light bar at the top left of the keyboard lights up in different colors when you press “Fn + |” keys.

There are three colors that indicate different levels of remaining capacity:

  • green => 80%
  • Magenta = 20% to 80%
  • red

The keyboard seems to conserve battery by turning off the backlight effect when not in use for a short period of time. Though, once you start typing again, the effect comes to life.

Wrist rest, palm rest

Nuphy sells an optional wristlet to accompany the keyboard, too.

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When you first look at the wrist rest it may seem uncomfortable, but when you use it, you don’t even notice it’s there. With the keyboard elevated, it’s a nice addition when you’re typing for an extended period of time.

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A wrist rest does not come standard with the keyboard, so if you decide not to purchase it, you can still have a pleasant typing experience with the Nuphy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. You just have to provide your own comfort or get used to typing with your fingers at an angle higher than the support.


The Nuphy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard won’t be for everyone, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that it’s a very good keyboard.

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With multiple ways to customize with backlit effects and built-in cap keys, the keyboard can match your personal liking in many ways. These customization features are also very easy to use, with everything you need already included.

The typing experience offered by the keyboard is top notch with every key bouncing and not sticking at any point. Since the keyboard is on the smaller end, it can take a minute to adjust to typing on it, but once you do – it’s smooth sailing.

The keyboard weighs 2.20 pounds, which means it’s on the heavier side for wireless keyboards, so it might not be for mobile uses, but as a stationary keyboard it does the job very well.

With laptops and PCs now moving to USB-C only, it was sad to see that the cable included with the wired mode is USB-C to USB-A, but the wireless mode works so well without delay that it’s not a big issue. Wireless mode via Bluetooth 5.0 also means it can connect to your iPad if you choose to use it for that, but you can use it with your Mac as well.

The price of the keyboard is $119.95, which is high, and while the keyboard is good and offers a lot, there’s still a lot to ask for. $100 might feel a more comfortable price for a keyboard.

Overall, the keyboard is very well built, nice to type on, offers a solid wireless connection with no lag, has deep customization options in just about every area, and includes keyboard shortcuts from the number row at the top.

If you’re looking for a good keyboard with a long life, seriously consider taking a look at the Nuphy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – it won’t let you down.

Nuphy Halo65 Pros

  • stable keyboard
  • Good key bounce
  • Comfortable to use
  • Reliable Bluetooth connection with easy setup
  • Multiple customization options for backlit keys effect
  • Easy to customize keycap
  • Long lasting and stable battery
  • Multiple angles to adjust the keyboard at

Cons of Nuphy Halo65

  • The high price
  • heavy
  • The wire connected is USB-C to USB-A
  • Wrist rest not included as standard for price

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

where to buy

You can purchase the Nuphy Halo65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on their website for $119.95 or starting at $139.99 via Nuphy on Amazon. The keyboard comes in white or black color options.

You can purchase an additional wristband for $29 on the Nuphy website, too. The West Wristband comes in white or black color options, too.