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Huawei offers 50GB of mobile cloud at R15 per month

  • Huawei phones come with 5GB of free mobile cloud storage.
  • The company also offers tiered monthly subscriptions, in case 5GB isn’t enough.
  • These tiers range in size and price, with the highest available being 2TB.

While most phones these days come with at least 64GB of internal storage, moving from an old device to a new one can be a bit of a hassle, let alone trying to access content on your laptop when it’s on your phone. Just.

This is why mobile cloud storage solutions can be useful, and Huawei has recently been highlighting the benefits of its own offering.

If you buy a Huawei phone these days, during the setup process you can create a Huawei ID profile, if you don’t already have one. Doing so gives you access to 5GB of free mobile cloud storage, but your contacts, apps, and gallery can quickly use it up.

For those who need more, Huawei has been skimping on monthly subscription options.

Here, the company has a number of different tiers, starting with 50GB and going up to 2TB storage. Naturally, these tiers also differ in price, with the aforementioned 50GB tier costing R14.99 per month and the highest 2TB option at R149.99 per month.

The main advantage of going with one of these plans, according to Huawei, is the ability to collaborate across devices. Added to this is the ability to back up data via your phone and schedule backups, including some select third-party apps as well, along with nine layers of security built into the cloud-based platform.

To further entice its users, Huawei is currently offering a 50% discount on the monthly cloud subscription package of 50 GB. You also have a chance to win one of eight Huawei Watch Fit devices, with more details on the promotion found here.