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The companies that operate Oppo, Realme and Vivo in Australia also receive revenue from a company called Konec Home and Konec Solutions that operate out of the same offices as Oppo while competing with the telecom companies that Oppo sells its smartphones to.

Konec Home is a competitor to the likes of Vodafone, Boost, and Optus as well as Harvey Norman who sell Optus plans, and no press releases have been released on this business’ launch to major tech media outlets like EFTM, Gadetguy, or SmartHouse.

A visit to Konec’s website claims their mobile business operates on Telstra’s 5G, 4G and 3G mobile network and provides 5G coverage to at least 75% of Australia’s population. Last year, it generated $420,275 in revenue for a company called OPCA Holdings Pty Ltd which also claims revenue from ailing Realme and appears to be a key part of the business that distributes Oppo mobile phones in Australia.

The 45GB plan on Konec’s home website costs $60 for 45GB of data, $35 for 42GB, and you can also buy 25GB for $22 per month.

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The Konec Mobile Phone Bundle is priced at $199 and includes the OPPO A57s and Konec Mobile Essential SIM Plan.

The company claims that at a retail price of AU$349, the OPPO A57s is a big battery, bright screen phone with dual AI rear cameras, high linear stereo speakers, and a shimmeringly elegant Glow Design body. Get it as part of a Konec Mobile phone bundle, and you’ll get $374 of value for $199 — that’s a $175 savings over buying the same phone and a separate plan.

Management at OMC Electronics and OPCA Holdings, who benefit from revenue generated from the Konec operation, did not say why they felt the need to create a company that would compete with its customers for Oppo, Realme and Vivo smartphones in Australia.

Kevin Cho lists himself on LinkedIn as Group CEO of OMC Electronics and founder of Konec, however, the company’s finances failed to list Cho with OPC Electronics listed directors Yuchen Hou, Chao Duan, Yanfeng Zhao Yunzhi Lin, and Thanh Dai M. Tran ( Michael Tran) as he likes to be called.

Currently, Konec plans and smartphones are sold at Big W. Konec Big W

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