Vivo confirms a new main camera from Sony for the X80 series

It has been rumored that Sony is launching the IMX866 as a new high-end image sensor for smartphones in 2022, and that it may debut as the main rear camera in the future.”pro photographyX80 series. Now, Vivo has confirmed that CMOS is not only there, but will actually make its debut in one of these upcoming phones.

Vivo has yet to confirm which of these devices will rock Sony’s brand-new camera: currently, it has a possible choice of the vanilla X80, X80 Pro, or Pro+. It is currently believed that the IMX866 will debut in the former, with a dedicated ISOCELL GNV sensor and V1+ image signal processor (ISP) reserved for high-end models.

It is also currently believed that the new Sony CMOS has a resolution of 50 megapixels and will be reduced in size compared to its predecessor IMX766. Vivo has yet to verify these claims, though it has now announced that it will be RGBW and will have Zeiss T* processing for its multi-pane lens apparently. The brand is supposed to unveil the X80 series, including the new IMX866, on April 25, 2022.