lg wing gets a 40000 price cut a week after the company shuts its smartphone business

The LG Wing took a $40,000 price cut a week after the company shut down its smartphone business.

  • LG Suite It is now selling for £29,999 on Flipkart after a significant price cut of around £40,000.
  • The smartphone flaunts an unprecedented rotating design that can turn heads.
  • You can also trade in your old smartphone for an additional discount.

The past week was full of surprises for the smartphone industry, as it was one-sided Nokia LG released a batch of six phones, LG decided to close its smartphone division on the other hand. South Korean electronics giant LG was forced out of business due to poor market performance stemming from its inability to keep up with the fast-growing market. While this may have struck the guts of LG fans, they now have something to celebrate.

The company sells its latest LG Wing smartphone that features a unique rotating design for less than half its cost. The smartphone will be available for $29,999 on Flipkart, which is about 40,000 less than its launch price of $69,990.

Keep in mind that this may be a temporary price reduction as it is valid during Flipkart’s Flagship Fest sale, and the price may return to normal. The sale begins April 12th and runs through April 15th. Customers can also get an additional discount in exchange of up to RUB 16,500, which reduces the total cost even more.

Should you buy the $29,999 LG Wing?

Before we answer this question, note that the LG Wing is an engineering marvel and a one-of-a-kind smartphone that will no longer be produced. That in itself makes it an ideal collector’s piece for those who appreciate it.

As for the value proposition, the smartphone is powered by the 7nm Snapdragon 765G 5G chipset which is paired with 8GB of RAM. The basic configuration is the same as the OnePlus Nord, which is considered one of the best options in this price segment even though it does not have a high refresh rate display. So, you get the standard hardware at the price with a futuristic design that can start conversations.

The two downsides can be the software and after-sales support. for software problems, LG Electronics announced that all of its premium smartphones will receive up to three versions of OS updates from the year of purchase. So the fear of not getting software updates is far fetched. But the after-sales service may not be strong after the closing of the smart phone department. Users may need to resort to third party services that may not guarantee a pleasant experience.

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