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Seized 2 mobile phones and cigarettes from the inmates of Amritsar prison

Two cellphones and 20 packs of cigarettes were recovered from the possession of two inmates of Amritsar Central Jail.

The accused have been identified as Gopan Singh of Kathunangal in Amritsar and Samsher Singh, alias Bashir of Batala in Gurdaspur.

Both the accused have been booked under various sections of the Prisons Act at the Islamabad Police Station on the complaint of the prison authorities.

The first case was registered on the complaint of the Assistant Superintendent of Jail, Naresh Pal. He said: β€œOn Wednesday, near Chekian High Security Precinct 8, Shera picked up a package thrown by someone from outside the prison. CRPF Guan tried to take the package from the defendants, but to no avail.”

He said, “Shera came out of his cell and gave the mobile phone after inserting the SIM card to his fellow prisoner, Romanjeet Singh. Later, Romanjeet threw the mobile and the parcel towards Barrack No. 2 as instructed by Shera. Gowan had reported the incident to the control room. When a team of prison staff led by Superintendent and Security, Raja Navdeep Singh conducted a search in the barracks, a mobile phone and 20 packs of cigarettes were found.”

Similarly, the second case was recorded in the complaint of the assistant director of the prison, Sarraz Muhammad. He said that during a routine check, a mobile phone with a SIM card from Joban Singh was retrieved from inside the prison.

Both of them will be brought under production order by the Amritsar City Police to uncover the connection between cell phones and cigarette smuggling inside the jail premises.