Nokia XR20 camera module

Scanning Imaging Research patents to improve Nokia camera software

Nokia XR20 camera module

After Zeiss and Nokia Mobile quietly ended their partnership this year, some imaging software benefits for Nokia phones were needed. Most recent Nokia phones have retained some video and camera software (probably co-developed with Zeiss), while the camera app has remained unchanged. Recently, a new Camera 2.0 was introduced and the X30 received advanced low-light photography software that has improved the quality of the photos this phone produces. I can say that Nokia X30 is one of the best, if not the best Nokia camera phone, produced by HMD Global. Well, the Nokia 9 PV was definitely king, but its imaging software and hardware were poorly done.

To bring new energy to its phones, Nokia Mobile has signed a licensing agreement with Clear Imaging Research, an imaging and video technology licensing and research company. I was unable to find a portfolio that Nokia Mobile licenses to assess how Nokia phones can benefit from this agreement. However, it found that Clear Imaging Research had filed a lawsuit in Texas against Samsung for infringement of six patents related to image capture and processing in smartphones and tablets. If Samsung uses these patents, Nokia Mobile will benefit. However, as I recall, the Nokia X30 5G uses Samsung camera sensors, so the software it uses to capture and process images probably comes from Clear Imaging Research.

There’s a chance the Nokia Mobile imaging team plans to improve Camera 2.0 (which is a must!) and the future will show us how this licensing deal helped.


Thanks SirFaceFone for the advice 😉