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HTC has not joined LG Mobile, new 5G phones are planned for 2021

Despite the recent struggles, which don’t look like they’re going to end anytime soon, HTC hasn’t left the smartphone market yet. according to DigiTimes In the report, the Taiwanese company plans to launch more phones this year. The report does not go into many details about the new devices. However, it claims that HTC is preparing to launch the new phones starting in the second quarter of 2021.

The report quoted industry sources as saying that some of HTC’s upcoming phones, or at least one of them, will come with 5G capabilities. It appears that the Taiwanese company is looking to work with local telecom operators in Europe and the Middle East to try to boost smartphone sales in the regions.

Apart from the new 5G smartphones, HTC is also said to be developing new AR/VR hardware products as well as related solutions for 2021. The company is looking to expand its portfolios of commercial AR/VR solutions. The sharp rise in telecommuting and remote work and study activities over the past year or so has created opportunities for tech device makers to design custom devices. HTC, of ​​course, doesn’t want to miss out on this, and is preparing new AR/VR hardware and solutions for the second quarter of this year.

HTC is said to be developing more 5G phones for 2021

Once called a smartphone giant, HTC has its glory days in the past. The Taiwanese company has now become a shadow of itself. It hasn’t posted any earnings from its smartphone business for quite some time now. However, she has not backed down yet. The company is alive and running, all set to compete in the smartphone market for at least another year.

HTC has launched two smartphones in 2021 so far. The 5G-equipped Desire 21 Pro came first in January, followed by the more modest Wildfire E3 last month. Now, according to the new report, the company is preparing to introduce more 5G phones this year.

To better compete against its Chinese rivals, HTC recently lowered the prices of its first 5G phone, the HTC U20 5G. Launched in June 2020 with a starting price of NT$18,900 (~$664), the phone retails for around NT$14,000 (~$482).

These types of strategic decisions helped the company trim its losses in the fourth quarter of 2020. However, that’s hardly positive news given that its smartphone business has yet to return to profitability. It now remains to be seen if HTC will manage to get out of this dangerous situation or collapse under the pressure and leave the smartphone market like LG.